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Searching for Marriage Records Online

Many reasons justify a search of marriage records. Ordinarily, people conduct a search as a means of learning about their family's history or past.

Genealogists and person's interested in family lineage are usually able to find out information about their grandparents and great-grandparents by way of a marriage record search. Locating an ancestor's marriage record can turn into a long process. Even though many websites offer marriage record searches, there are no guarantees.

Moreover, if the location where the marriage took place is nameless, this may also make finding a matching record difficult. Nonetheless, with a little effort and patience, a marriage record search can generate results. Consider the following resources for searching marriage records online.

City or County Courthouse Searches: Even though marriage records are commonly searched for genealogy purposes, a search of recently recorded marriages is useful. For example, someone may search a marriage record to verify the legal union of a couple. Moreover, a search of marriage records is necessary for replacing or acquiring a marriage certificate. In this case, requestors can obtain information from the city or county courthouse where the wedding occurred. Free online county courthouse locators are an excellent tool for finding address and contact information for courthouses throughout the country. To begin your search, visit Click the appropriate state, and select a city. Courthouse Direct provides contact information for the city courthouse's departments, and a live link to the official webpage. Requestors may request a marriage record search by telephone, written request, or in-person. The fee for obtaining a marriage certificate or searching records varies according to state. Because marriage records are considered public information, some states permit free searches. is the ideal website for searching ancestor marriage records. Older marriage records are typically difficult to locate. With, you can search records by state and marriage year. To begin your search, visit If searching marriage records for the United States only, choose a state by clicking a link. The website will direct users to an assortment of search options. For example, resources for Alabama consist of African-American marriage records, marriages recorded from 1800-1925, etc. Moreover, resources for Alabama include links to a choice of churches. Often times, churches will retain a record of marriage ceremonies held within the building. Because marriage records are open to the public, some genealogy sources allow free access and searches. offers a free marriage record database, and includes over 30,000 recorded marriages. To locate information about an ancestor's marriage, visit Enter a name and choose a search criterion. Requestors may search marriage records by groom's name, bride's name, wedding date, county, or state. If unable to find a matching record using the search option, choose an alternate search by clicking the "find more records here" link. Next, search marriage records by selecting a state and choosing an appropriate link. offers an inexpensive way to search marriage records. To start your search, visit Search records by completing the search fields. Include a full name, city, and state. Based on this information, the investigation service may be able to provide the names of the groom, bride, age, location of marriage, and marriage date. Unfortunately, does not offer free searches. The fee for a marriage record search is $40.00. If the service is unable to find a matching record, requestors are refunded $35.00 (there is a $5.00 non-refundable processing fee). Requestors may submit a marriage record search inquiry online, or submit a written request to:

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