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The ability to detect records from the comfort of your own home is what Records Registry is all about. Among the most commonly sought-after records: small claims records. At some time or another—many people wind up in small claims court either as plaintiff or defendant. Records Registry makes tracking down these records from various states easier than ever possible. As more and more records become archived on the internet and accessible to the public, searchers can use Records Registry to obtain the valuable information they require for personal, business or financial needs.

Small claims cases involve a wide array of suits that do not exceed a certain amount in damages. Typically $3,000 is the benchmark amount, but some states like California allow more for small claims. Typical small claims court cases involve security deposits, back rent, bad checks, refusal to pay for work done, poor work, damage to property, breach of contract or defective merchandise, but the small claims courts of various counties throughout the U.S. contain a myriad of cases that may range to the usual to the extraordinary.

Generally, small claims are not made for malpractice cases involving doctors, lawyers, dentists; alimony or child support claims; and matters of probate. Consequently, small claims records run the gamut in nature, but all must be matters that fall beneath a certain monetary benchmark (whereby they are handled at different courts, governed by different laws, etc…). Sifting through these records may be a delight to someone researching the social confrontations of humankind—but Records Registry recognizes that people need to access these records for far more important reasons of a serious nature.

So—why might individuals want to access small claims records? For any number of reasons ranging from purely personal to strictly business. For example, a homeowner seeking a landscaper may want to see if their prospective client has had any claims filed against them and what the outcomes were. If the company faced lots of suits and incurred many losses, a homeowner might want to hire someone with a more satisfactory performance record. Because a company will likely only present good references to obtain a job, that homeowner has to do some careful digging—luckily, Records Registry can help!

Small claims records are full of suits filed by landlords and tenants. Just as there will always be non-paying lessees and contract-breaching lessors, the courts will continue to cases. From unreturned security deposits to damaged rentals, small claims records are brimming with such claims. If you are planning to rent, it will save you innumerable headaches to know that your landlord is trustworthy; if claims have been filed, you will certainly want to know the nature of them and whether damages were owed and paid.

Likewise, a landlord may want to check out small claims records for prospective tenants. If small claims records indicate a failure to pay rent, it makes sense to deny the use of your property. If their dog has incurred damages, it seems also something a new landlord may want to know about.

Checking into small claims records is simply another place to gather relevant information to suit many needs by personal and business-related parties. If you require information from small claims records, let Records Registry help you from the convenience of your own computer.

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