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Australia, Canada, India, the United Kingdom and the United States all have Sheriffs active currently in their respective nations. Since sheriffs operate in five different countries in the world you would expect them to have different roles and record keeping. The United States has the most extensive use of the sheriff system and it is utilized in all 50 states. Duties for sheriffs in the US can fall into three categories.

Full Service Sheriffs conduct the traditional law enforcement of state or county police departments. These responsibilities include county extensive patrol and conducting investigations that transcend municipal boundaries.

Sheriffs of limited service perform the basic sheriff roles and public services along with some traditional law enforcement duties of patrol and investigation. Quite often they perform a security function for properties within the county.

Restricted service sheriffs are responsible for the most basic public services like maintaining the county jail, providing security for the courthouse, facilitating various court processes, transporting prisoners, conducting auctions and foreclosures, and carry out seizures of property.

As you can see, the 3087 sheriff’s offices perform many functions across the United States and in the rest of the world. The sheriff’s office has formal records of their various work and they are often stored in county and state databases. Using a public records retrieval service such as GovRegistry, you can uncover sheriffs records on any of the topics and areas of service covered above. Since the records are fragmented in over a thousand different databases in the United States alone, it would be very difficult and time consuming to do an exhaustive search of sheriff records for a name in question. GovRegistry has access to the largest relevant sources of sheriff records and can provide you information including but not limited to court records, bail bonds, autopsy records, auction and foreclosure records, sex offender notification and prisoner transfer records. If the person you are searching for has any documented experience with a sheriff, GovRegistry will help you find them in vast array of public records.

There are many uses for investigating sheriff records as they perform so many various public services in the United States and most likely in your county. Use GovRegistry to see if there is a registered sexual offender in your neighborhood, track down foreclosed or auctioned property or use sheriff records as a background check on a person you have a relationship with whether personally or professionally.

Searching for information with a name or place through GovRegistry will provide you with a portal to organized databases of public records and how-to instructions so that you will uncover exactly what you are looking for. GovRegistry filters useless and unrelated information and presents the most appropriate resources for you in an easy to understand format. All public records presented by GovRegistry are 100% legal and you will not be led down dead ends that cause frustration and time wasted. Sheriff records are quite often underestimated in their potential for important information. GovRegistry understands their value and prides itself on uncovering the best and most relevant sheriff records from online public records databases so you can ensure you have all the facts.

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