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Skip Tracing Made Easy With Government-Records!

If you think that skip tracing is only reserved for big collection agencies and private investigation firms, think again. The field is filled with individuals, private contractors and freelancers who make a living locating missing people.

The Internet and the new-found availability of many state and local public records have made sleuths out of countless private citizens. Skip tracers provide a valuable service by conducting research and collecting information on missing persons. This information can then be used to collect unpaid debts, repossess cars and other personal property, locate deadbeat parents, find witnesses in legal proceedings, track down lost loved ones, and find rightful recipients of unclaimed assets, just to name a few.

There is often a variety of reasons why people turn up missing. Sometimes they leave town intentionally in order to avoid legal and financial trouble, while others may have simply lost touch with family and friends. If the person does not have certain utilities in their name, moves frequently, does not have a fixed address, has a limited number of friends or relatives in the area or has an unlisted telephone number, they can very easily go “off the radar” and be difficult to locate. This is especially true for women, who can prove difficult to track down if a marriage or divorce has resulted in a name change. The good news is that despite these obstacles, many people who are considered “missing” actually leave a massive paper trail behind, and can be very easily located if you pick up on the right clues.

If you have some basic information on the individual (name, date of birth, last known address, etc.) you can use a wide array of records and databases in order to get a better idea of their whereabouts. A typical skip tracer will usually research driving records, DMV files, real estate records, insurance/workman’s compensation claims, criminal records, employment history, telephone listings and other resources in order to locate a missing individual.

Another information-rich resource for skip tracers is directory assistance. Many people who were missing for years have been found simply by flipping through the phone book or calling 411. If you have a general idea or where the person could be living, it is very possible that their name, number and address is listed somewhere. Even if you don’t find the person, you may find a relative, which can put you one step closer in your search. In addition to the traditional means of finding phone listings, the Internet has a huge array of directory assistance websites that allow you to conduct numerous searches for a person in a fraction of the time, simply by entering a name in a search engine.

There are so many methods you can use for locating a missing person, the possibilities are truly endless. You can save yourself a considerable amount of time and money by consolidating as many of your record searches in one place as possible. Government-Records is a full-service information brokerage company equipped with all the tools and technology necessary to fit your needs. Since we deal with a wide array of records and information, you can follow up on virtually all of your leads in one visit to our website. Whether you are a layperson looking to find someone, a seasoned skip tracer looking for new and innovative ways to perfect your craft, or a person looking for a new and exciting career change in the field of skip tracing, Government-Records can help you in your search.

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