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South Carolina Divorce Records

Sourcing Divorce Records in South Carolina

Each South Carolina state regulates the granting of divorces for petitions filed in their jurisdiction. South Carolina divorce records are maintained in the state where the divorce was filed and finalized. Local county courthouses are responsible for the divorce records for each county. Some South Carolina counties will store Divorce Records, Marriage Files and records in their Prothonotary Office, while others use a different office. In South Carolina, you can contact the Clerk of County at the local county courthouse for divorce records. Only records after 1949 are available at the local courthouse in South Carolina.

All requests for certified copies of divorce records should be made at the local county courthouse. If you don’t know the name, then you begin your search at the state repository if one exists. A state repository stores the records for the entire state. In South Carolina, the state repository only has records since 1915. A search for the records one county at a time will also produce the records, but the search will take longer.

If you are searching for all divorce records for a particular individual, then a search for all spouses, current and past, can be conducted. This type of search results in a list of the spouses along with their addresses at the time of the divorce. Even if the county is not listed on the report, it can be discovered using the address itself.

Divorce records will include the following information:
• the husband’s full name
• the wife’s full name including her maiden name
• the name of the county where the divorce took place
• the recorded filing date of the divorce
• the actual date of the finalized divorce
• a certificate number for identification purposes



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