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An inmate search provides an invaluable service for family and friends of state prison inmates. Often times, inmates are switched to different correctional facilities. Thus, it becomes difficult for loved ones to keep track of an inmate’s whereabouts. By means of an inmate search, persons can enter a first and last name, or an inmate’s identification number, and learn the location of a particular prisoner. Searching for an inmate in South Carolina is very easy. Moreover, using the Internet makes searches very convenient. There are multiple sites that offer information on South Carolina inmates. Search results are instantaneous and provide detail information about each inmate. Consider the following tips for searching inmates in the state of South Carolina.

South Carolina Department of Corrections Website: To find an inmate located in South Carolina, take advantage of websites offered by the Department of Corrections. To begin your search, visit Currently, there are approximately 24,000 inmates within the state’s system. With 29 institutions, an online inmate search is very useful. Upon arriving at the website, choose the option “Inmate Search,” located on the left side bar. After reading the disclaimer, choose the option, “Search for Incarcerated Inmate.” Find an inmate by completing the search fields. Enter the inmate’s identification number, first name, last name, etc. Search results will return matching records, and include a photograph of the inmate, criminal history, and sentencing date. Department of Correction searches are free.

Free Inmate Locator Online: This site is great for searching inmates in South Carolina and nationwide. To begin a quick search, visit For a search of South Carolina inmates, choose the link, “South Carolina.” Next, complete search fields by entering inmate’s information. Enter as much information as possible. The inmate’s first and last name is a required field. Once a matching record is located, users can gather information such as the inmate’s identification number, location, color picture, sentencing date, approximate release date, etc.

State of South Carolina Official Website: Visiting South Carolina’s official website is another place to conduct an inmate search. To begin your search, visit This website includes an abundance of information on criminals within the state. By means of this site, users can search inmates, sex offender registries, most wanted lists, etc. To conduct an inmate search, choose the search option, “Inmate Search.” Next, the site will direct users to South Carolina’s Department of Correction’s official site. To locate an inmate, users must complete a search for the inmate by name or ID number.

Cell Pals Online: Often times, non-criminals choose to develop friendships or pen pals. To establish a pen pal relationship, inmates can be found using an inmate search tool. To begin a search using Cell Pals, visit Select the link for “South Carolina Department of Corrections.” Next, conduct a search for inmates. Additionally, inmates can be found by contacting the Department of Corrections at Submit written requests to:
Central Visitation Facility
3765-B Leeds Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405

Prison Life: Prison Life is another useful tool for finding information on inmates nationwide and in the state of South Carolina. To begin a search, visit The following webpage will offer several search options. To search inmates by state, choose the “search by state” option. Next, enter South Carolina and submit the search inquiry. Prisoners who register with Prison Life are included among the search results. Click a prisoner’s name for information such as contact information, location, date of birth, projected release date, identification number, etc. This site is also ideal for persons seeking to develop a pen pal relationship with a prison inmate.

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