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South Carolina sex offender Search

State Sex Offender Search: South Carolina

According to federal law, all states must release information regarding registered sex offenders to the public. Each state, however, goes about the release of this information quite differently from the others. Each state operates their sex offender registry by criteria determined by state legislators and each state sets up a very different type of website for searching these public records.

South Carolina’s online sex offender registry can be reached at The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division administers the site. The home page for South Carolina’s online sex offender registry opens up to a left side menu and a main body of information—this main portion is mainly comprised of crime alerts and depicts the pictures of wanted persons. Beneath the photos addresses and phone numbers for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division can be found.

The left side menu contains relevant links for researchers that include: administration, Amber Alert, community services, computer crime center, South Carolina state constables, concealed weapons permit program, counter terrorism, criminal records check, forensic services, investigative services and more. Also on this list of links is the sex offender registry. Click here to procure information about South Carolina registered sex offenders.

Once directed to the sex offender registry page, you will find a streamlined page that is briefly outlined along with the specific search mechanism. This is very simple and easy to navigate unlike many other state sites which often convey far more information on the topic of sex offenders. South Carolina states pertinent information such as all the registered offenders listed are aged seventeen and older. The page also lists the crimes for which an offender must register.

Upon scrolling down, researchers will see seven blue links by which they may perform a search: name, county, city, zip code, report generator, National Sex Offender Registry and about the sex offender registry. Click on the last link, about the sex offender registry.” This link provides lengthy segments of information regarding specific crimes. It is an important link to reference after going to specific offender records that do not spell each crime out, but simply list it.

Close out of this section and perform a sample search by clicking on the link for a city search. You will find a drop down menu of all South Carolina’s cities and towns. Choose one and click the submit button. In keeping with its no frills website setup, you will find a simple list of offenders for your searched city along with a registry number, sex, race and a link to view specific offender records.

To view a sample record, click on any of the links for any name on the list. Once directed to the specific record, the following information can be viewed: photo of offender, full name, sexual predator status, sex, race, date of birth, height, weight, eye color, hair color, skin tone, address, status of address, county, registration start date (and end date if applicable), other addresses (if applicable), criminal charges (this section includes the statute number, a literal explanation, state of conviction, date of conviction, sex of victim, age of victim, weapon (if applicable), sentence and probation release dates), additional identifiers (aliases), registering agency, date of photo, and date of pre-registration.

South Carolina’s specific records do, in fact, provide more information than is usually conveyed by other state sites making for a most informative record that is well-defined and easy to understand. In fact, while the site is essentially “no frills” and is all about the business of conveying information---they do this job most-effectively. All information and links are relevant to sex offender searches and the information is posted in a user-friendly way that does not require considerable navigation skills.

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