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Enjoy a Satisfying and Happy Marriage

Avoid Divorce and Discontent in your Marriage by Following these 7 essential steps to Happiness

It is easy for a marriage to fall into a lifeless routine over time, but often when you put a little effort into preserving your relationship, you will reap great results. Here are seven simple ways to help your marriage thrive:

1. Listen. It may be cliche, but good communication goes a long way in preserving a marriage. Often, a person is willing to talk to their mate, but it is less willing to listen. Listening to your partner without being quick to criticize them will make them feel appreciated and respected. Listening builds trust in a relationship. Don�t expect your spouse to share the depths of their heart with you if you haven�t proved to be a good listener.

2. Laugh. Being able to laugh together creates a special bond in a couple. Laughter is known to be a stress-reliever and a key to happy living. Laugh at your mistakes and watch movies that make you laugh. However, be sure to never use humor in a way that is insulting or disrespectful to your partner.

3. Value your spouse. Although you may remember to say �please� and �thank you� to strangers on the street, you may forget to say these things to your spouse. You can show your appreciation to your spouse by simply saying thanks when they take out the garbage or tell them that the dinner they made was delicious. This way they know that you aren�t taking them for granted.

4. �I�m sorry.� These words can go a long way. Often, apologizing shows your spouse that you understand their feelings and respect their opinion. Apologizing is difficult for some people to say, but learning to say �I�m sorry� can greatly improve a marriage by eliminating long-winded arguments and forming a pathway to making up after a fight.

5. Always end on a good note. Even if someone is upset, don�t leave without at least saying a quick good-bye to your spouse or giving them a kiss on the cheek. This shows that even though you might be angry at the moment, you still love them. It�s a sobering thought, but if it was the last thing you would say to your spouse, what would you want it to be?

6. Forgive and forget. Forgiveness can be the greatest gift you can give to your mate. Although you may not completely forget what they have done, don�t bring up past faults in future arguments. This can cause great hurt in your marriage. You should always agree to move forward with your marriage, and not dwell on the past.

7. Commit. Committing to your spouse is more than a vow you take once. Commitment is a daily decision you make to be there for your mate and make them a high priority in your life. Don�t threaten your partner with divorce during every argument. You and your spouse should make an agreement about handling conflicts that works for both of you. This means �fighting fair�: don�t insult each other or intentionally try to hurt your partner during an argument. Instead, discuss only the matter at hand and try to resolve it as calmly as possible.

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