Family Tree Researching: How Modern Technology Can Help You Build Your Family History




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Family Tree Researching

How Modern Technology Can Help You Build Your Family History

Building a family history and drawing a family tree has always been a fun and exciting project, but the process has been made a great deal easier by a number of technological innovations, including genealogical software, family tree websites and of course the internet itself.

What is a Family Tree?
The concept of a family tree is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. In its simplest form, a family tree is nothing more than a list of related people, with the relationship lines clearly marked to show the various family connections.

The typical family tree will include the names of parents, grandparents, children, aunts, uncles and other family members. Other information contained on the family tree may include dates of birth, marriage dates, countries of origin, occupations and any interesting facts about the person.

Building Your Own Family Tree
There are many easy ways to start building a family tree, but perhaps the best is simply to talk to all the living relatives you can find. Speaking to or corresponding with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and other relatives you can find, along with any living parents, can go a long way toward gathering the information needed for your family tree.

The internet has certainly made this information gathering a great deal easier, with online telephone directories, email addresses, websites and other resources to guide you. With just some basic information it is often possible to track down relatives across the country, even if you do not know where they are living.

After you have gathered all the information you can from all your living relatives, it is time to start filling in the missing branches on your family tree. Before you can do that, of course, it will be helpful to have some sort of chart or template that can be used to build the family tree. There are many family tree charts and family tree templates available, both on the internet and off, and these charts can be a great way to get your family tree in print quickly and easily.

Many genealogical software packages will include one or more family tree charts or templates, as well as an easy software interface for filling out that chart. One of the great things about these software based family tree templates is that they are so easy to update and change as new information is encountered. In addition, some software packages even provide users with the ability to upload their finished family tree to their website, where it can be viewed by family members and others around the world.

Uploading a family tree to the internet is more than just a way to share the results of all your hard work. It is also a great way for other family members to provide input and advice, and perhaps to tell you about family members you may have missed during your initial research. For this reason, it is a good idea to provide some sort of contact information when posting the website. This contact information will allow people to contact you with further information that can make your family tree even more complete and accurate.

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