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State Sex Offender Search: Texas

Searching online for registered sex offenders can be accomplished by searching state websites. Federal law mandates all states to provide public access to their sex offender registries. Most states offer this information online. To search for registered sex offenders in Texas, visit This site is maintained under the umbrella of the Texas Department of Public Safety associated with the Crime Records Service.

Upon reaching this home page, researchers will discover that they have access to far more than only the online sex offender registry. Researchers may also search the Criminal History Conviction database (there is a fee associated with this search). Other links offer access to T.R.I.P. which is a database essentially for stolen equipment and H.E.A.T. which is a statewide vehicle registration program.

If you look on the left side of the main page, you will find links to each of these areas along with a link for a tutorial for the site. At this point you may click on sex offender registry. Once directed, you will find a page of text that discusses the Texas online sex offender registry, disclaimer and a button that researchers must click in order to enter the registry. By clicking this button, users agree to the terms written above.

Each state offers different search mechanisms for tracking sex offenders. Texas allows researchers to search by name, name and address, and address only. Not all states provide a site with mapping capabilities, but Texas is one that does making for a more clearly-defined search. As a sample search, choose the address only option. This method requests the name of a city or zip code.

Enter any Texas city for a sample search. You must type the city as there is no drop down menu to choose from. Once you click the search button you will be directed to a list of that city’s registered sex offenders. This listing offers brief information about each listed name. For instance, you will see the full name, the street address, date of birth, race, height, weight, eye color and hair color.

To find out more specific information and enter the offender’s individual record, click on any name. Specific records indicate risk level (each state defines risk level according to its own criteria; to find out more about the Texas method it may be helpful to take the tutorial). Other information contained in the record includes physical aforementioned traits, a photo, date of the posted photo, registration date, date of registration verification, address and county, a link to map the address, offence, counts of offence, date(s) of offense, age and sex of victim, and the offender’s status.

The specific records may also be easily printed as there is a printing icon within each record. All the information contained in the record is presented in a clear and concise fashion. But unlike some state sites, Texas offers well-explained descriptions rather than relying on codes that researchers must go somewhere else to obtain the meaning for.

If you go back to the page offering links to each search method, click on the mapping link. This allows searchers to map out specific geographical areas. As a sample, if you enter any Texas address, the mapping software pulls up the area and posts all the registered sex offenders living in proximity to this address. This is important to many families allowing them to map out a safe route for their children to walk to school for instance. Mapping features indicate a thorough site dedicated to public awareness and safety.

Texas does an exemplary job maintaining this website. Information is relevant for researchers on this topic and the site is navigable and the information is detailed and easy to understand.

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