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Tips for Creating a Great Family Tree




Family Tree Researching

Tips for Creating a Great Family Tree

There are many fun and interesting ways to learn about history, and to profit from the experiences of those who have gone before us. From museums to well told tales, learning about the past can be fun, interesting and even exciting. On the family level, learning about where we come from and where we are going is a great way to get a greater appreciation of long lost relatives and the hardships they had to endure. Creating a family tree is a great way to teach your kids about the value of family and the power of history, all while having fun.

The ease or difficulty of creating a family tree will vary from family to family of course. Some families may already have all the information they need, and just need a place to pull it all together. Other families may know next to nothing about relatives from more than a few generations back. No matter how much information you currently have, a family tree can be a great family project for young and old alike.

Kids in particular seem to love the fun and excitement of putting together a family tree. Why not let the kids write in the names of the relatives they know, thus providing a great start to the family tree? Drawing pictures on the family tree can make it even more colorful and interesting.

The kids will also enjoy another great part of putting together a family tree interviewing their older relatives. Sharing stories is a great way for family members from different generations to bond with one another, and having the kids interview their grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives is a great way to gather some important information while allowing the children to learn and benefit from the experience of their elders.

When conducting these interviews, it is a good idea to get the full names of any relatives they can remember, including the maiden names of all the women in the family. Having this important information will make it much easier to track down relatives who lie further back in the history of the family. In addition to names, things like dates of birth, marriage dates and even dates of death can be a big help in compiling that family history.

Fortunately for those who are putting together their family tree today, there have been a number of technological innovations that have made this kind of research a great deal easier and less of a hassle. Advances such as genealogy research websites, newsgroups, email lists and other internet resources have made it easier than ever to find out where your family members came from.

In addition to these resources, the fact that so many birth records, marriage records and other vital statistics are now available on the internet, ready for those who need them. With all these advances in technology, it is easy to see why genealogical research and family histories are becoming so increasingly popular these days.

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