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Four Tips for Getting More Out of


If you are trying to find a person or business contact information or if you want to carry out a reverse phone number lookup then is an invaluable resource. allows you to look up people in the White Pages or businesses in the Yellow Pages from one very simple and very easy-to-use website. It also provides the option of doing a reverse number lookup on listed landlines, which is very convenient for many people. While is a simple and straightforward site to use, there are ways you can get even more out of it if you follow some of the tips listed below.

Understand What's Listed

Not everybody nor every business is listed on Rather, the site receives its listings directly from Intelius, Inc., which gets its information from public records, publicly available information, and commercial filings. As such, cell phone numbers typically won't be listed on, especially in the case of personal listings through the White Pages. That means that when you conduct a reverse phone lookup, don't be surprised if the cellphone number you entered delivers zero results.

ZIP Code vs. City

Both the White Pages and Yellow Pages options allow you to search for a person or business by city, state, or ZIP code. While you may think that all three of these options are equal, the truth is that you're better off using the ZIP code of the person or business you're looking for than using the city or state name. This is because it is very easy to spell some location names incorrectly, whereas ZIP codes tend to bring back more accurate results.

Business vs. Personal Updates

You should also be aware that business listings and personal listings are updated in very different ways on While business listings can be updated by business owners themselves and may include contact information aside from phone numbers (such as email and fax numbers), personal listings provided through the White Pages are much more limited. Personal listings tend to include only names, addresses, and phone numbers and the listings themselves can usually not be updated directly through by the person listed.

Not All Updates Happen at the Same Time

Finally, because relies on information provided to it from public records, publicly available information, and commercial filings, not all information will be updated at the same time. Some contact details, for example, may be updated daily. But some areas may only update their phone listings four times a year, in which case some information on may be outdated. It's important to keep this discrepancy in mind if your search result is not quite what you expected.

Few websites are as useful for finding a person or business as is. While this website is a simple one-stop place for conducting your people or business search, it's important to understand that there are ways to make your search even more effective. By taking the time to read the four tips listed here, you'll avoid wasting time with fruitless searches so that you can actually find the information you need on faster.

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