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Five Steps for Uncovering a Restricted Telephone Number


Receiving a call from a restricted telephone number can be annoying since it makes it difficult to ignore the call and return it later. While placing a restricted call is something anybody can do by simply dialing *67 before the number they are dialing, there are instances when individuals or businesses may use a restricted number to try to harass, spam, or scam an individual. If this is happening to you, then you'll definitely want to uncover who has been trying to contact you. While revealing a restricted number is definitely not easy, there are ways you can do it. Read below to find out how.

Check your records

The easiest way of finding the number behind a restricted call is to just check your phone records. While a restricted call will come up as "Restricted" on your call display, there is a decent chance that the number itself will be revealed in your phone statement. To find out, you'll need to take note of when you received the restricted call. Then, when your phone bill arrives, just check the list of calls you received to see if the restricted number is revealed.

Contact the police

If the calls from the restricted number are leading to harassment or may be the sign of somebody trying to scam you then you should contact the police. If there is a possible criminal element at play to the calls then the police may be able to find out what the number is and put an end to the harassment.

Get a toll-free number

An extreme and potentially expensive solution is to get a toll-free number installed on your phone. In most cases, restricted phone numbers cannot call toll-free numbers, meaning you'll always see the numbers of those trying to call you. On the downside, however, because it is a toll-free number you will be paying for all of the calls you receive.

Get a block

A cheaper option may be to just have a block installed on your phone against restricted numbers. While such a block won't reveal a restricted number automatically, it could force the person dialing from a restricted number to recall you without using the restriction.

Ask around

Finally, you may be able to just ask your friends and family if they've also received calls from a restricted number around the same time that you have. If they have then one of them may have uncovered who is actually calling from the restricted number. Even if asking around doesn't reveal the identity of the caller, if a lot of people in your neighborhood have been receiving calls from the same restricted number then it could be a sign that it's a telemarketer or even a scam artist.

While many people use restricted numbers in order to protect their privacy, many others use them as a way to make unwanted and even harassing phone calls to individuals. While uncovering the identity behind a restricted number is very difficult, there are ways to successfully go about doing it as the above five tips reveal.

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