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How to Find Divorce Records in Utah - The states regulate the divorces that are filed in their jurisdiction. Therefore, the divorce records are stored in that state at the local county office. A state repository or central location for all of the divorce records is often available.

Requests for certified copies of divorce records should be made at the Prothonotary Office of the county courthouse. Smaller courthouses may not have a Prothonotary Office. In that case, another county office will maintain the records. Although the state repository can locate copies of divorce records for you, they are not usually certified. In Utah, requests should be given to the County Clerk.

Divorce records are filed under the husband’s name. Your request should include the names of both spouses. Begin your search at the county that had jurisdiction over the divorce. If you don’t know this, then you can search the state one county at a time. Since each county will take between two to ten days to complete its search, this will be time consuming. Each county office requests a small fee for each search.

A more efficient way to search is to submit a request through the central or state office first. This will lead to the name of the county. Then the search can continue at the county level.

If you prefer, you can request a search for current and past spouses. This type of search will produce a list of all known spouses and their addresses at the time of their marriage. This list can produce the names of the counties or be used to locate them.

Information about each divorced couple is listed in their divorce records. This includes:
• husband’s full name
• the wife’s full name including her maiden name
• the name of the county where the divorce was filed
• the recorded filing date of the divorce
• the actual date of the finalized divorce
• a certificate number for identification purposes

Occasionally, some states list the number of the couple’s children under the age of eighteen at the time the divorce was filed.

Providing unnecessary information will not speed up the search, except in the case of genealogical searches, where little information is available and additional information can prove useful. Genealogical searches usually take longer than the typical two to ten days due to the fact that they are not as high up on the priority list and less useful information is usually provided with the request.

Follow the guidelines here to produce a more efficient search.

1. Print or type each name and address clearly to avoid confusion. This includes the full name of both the husband and the wife. The maiden name should be included for the wife.
2. Keep your request brief and to the point.
3. Limit your request to one document.
4. Include the full names of the individuals, including nicknames and alternate spellings that may have been used.
5. Include the full address of the individual at the time of the divorce, including street, city or town, and state. If you know the county in which the divorce took place, include that as well.
6. Include the date that the divorce was finalized. If you do not have this piece of information available, include a time frame for the search. Generally, it is best to specify a short span of years for an unknown year search. You can always expand the number of years that you search, and a shorter span will lead to a shorter search. You can expect to pay an additional fee for searches such as this that require more effort.
7. Include contact information where you can be reached in the event that more information is required. Include a daytime telephone number, as well as, an evening telephone number. You may also include a fax number or an e-mail address.
8. You should include your relationship to the individual’s listed in your search request.
9. You should include the purpose of your request.
10. Print your name clearly and sign your request. Some states may also require additional identifying information on you as well, including a driver’s license number.
11. Include a SASE, or self addressed stamped envelope with your request for a speedier delivery.
12. Include the date that you mail your request with your correspondence.

A list of the local county courthouses for Utah is provided below in alphabetical order.

State of Utah
Utah Bureau of Vital Records
288 North 1460 West
PO BOX 141012
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1012
Telephone:(801) 538-6380
Fax: (801) 538-9467

Beaver County
Beaver Country Clerk
105 East Center
P.O. Box 392
Beaver, UT 84713
Telephone: (435) 438-6463

Box Elder County
Box Elder Country Clerk
1 S. Main St.
Brigham City, UT 84302-2548
Telephone: (435) 734-2031

Cache County
Cache Country Clerk
655 East 1300 North
Logan, UT 84341
Telephone: (435) 752-3730

Carbon County
Carbon Country Clerk
120 E. Main St.
Price, UT 84501
Telephone: (435) 636-3227

Daggett County
Daggett Country Clerk
95 N 1st W
P.O. Box 218
Manila, UT 84046
Telephone: (435) 784-3154

Davis County
Davis Country Clerk
28 E State St
PO Box 618
Farmington, UT 84025
Telephone: (801) 451-3213

Duchesne County
Duchesne Country Clerk
P.O. Box 270
Duchesne, UT 84021
Telephone: (435) 738-2435

Emery County
Emery County Clerk
95 E Main St
PO Box 907
Castle Dale, UT 84513
Telephone: (435) 381-2465

Garfield County
Garfield Country Clerk
55 S Main St
P.O. Box 77
Panguitch, UT 84759
Telephone: (435) 676-8826

Grand County
Grand County Courthouse
125 East Center St.
Moab, UT 84532
Telephone: (435) 259-1322
Divorce: (435) 259-1349

Iron County
Iron County Clerk
68 South 100 East
PO Box 429
Parowan, UT 84761
Telephone: (435) 477-8341

Juab County
Juab Country Clerk
P.O. Box 249
160 North Main
Nephi, UT 84648
Telephone: (435) 623-3410

Kane County
Kane Country Clerk
76 N. Main Street
PO Box 50
Kanab, UT 84741
Telephone: (435) 644-2458

Millard County
Millard County Courthouse
S. R. Box 55
765 South Highway 99
PO Box 226
Fillmore, UT 84631
Telephone: (435) 743-6223

Morgan County
Morgan Country Clerk
48 W. Young St., P.O. Box 886
Morgan, UT 84050
Telephone: (801) 845-4011

Piute County
Piute Country Clerk
21 North Main, P.O. Box 99
Junction, UT 84740
Telephone: (435) 577-2840

Rich County
Rich Country Clerk
20 S Main St
PO Box 218
Randolph, UT 84064
Telephone: (435) 793-2415

Salt Lake County
Salt Lake Country Clerk
610 S 200 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Telephone: (801) 534-4658
Recording: (801) 534-4694

San Juan County
San Juan Country Clerk
117 S Main St
PO Box 338
Monticello, UT 84535
Telephone: (435) 587-3223

Sanpete County
Sanpete Country Clerk
160 N. Main St.
Manti, UT 84642-1266
Telephone: (435) 835-2131

Sevier County
Sevier Country Clerk
250 N. Main St.
Richfield, UT 84701-2158
Telephone: (435) 896-9262

Summit County
Summit Country Clerk
P.O. Box 128
Coalville, UT 84017
Telephone: (435) 336-4451

Tooele County
Tooele Country Clerk
47 S. Main St.
Tooele, UT 84074

Uintah County
Uintah Country Clerk
147 E. Main St.
Vernal, UT 84078
Telephone: (435) 781-5360

Utah County
Utah County Health Dept
589 S State St
Provo, UT 84606
Telephone: (801) 370-8707

Wasatch County
Wasatch Country Clerk
25 N. Main St.
Heber City, UT 84032
Telephone: (435) 654-3211

Washington County
Washington Country Clerk
197 E. Tabernacle St.
Saint George, UT 84770
Telephone: (435) 634-5712

Wayne County
Wayne Country Clerk
18 South Main
PO Box 189
Loa, UT 84747
Telephone: (435) 836-2731

Weber County
Weber Country Clerk
2549 Washington Blvd., Suite 320
Ogden, UT 84401
Telephone: (801) 399-8400

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