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How to Find Divorce Records in Vermont - Below is how to source Divorce Records in Vermont

Since the early 1900s, divorce records have been kept in the state or local county government offices. In Vermont, the State Office maintains divorce records only for the last ten years. No matter what year the divorce occurred, however, certified copies must be requested from the county where the divorce was finalized. Certified copies are not available at the state level.

Divorce records are often requested for legal issues to verify that a divorce has taken place or for genealogical reasons when searching for family history. Vital record searches usually take between two to ten days. It depends upon the amount of information provided with the request and the availability of staff handling record requests. Genealogical searches take longer for a variety of reasons. In general, older records are more difficult to locate, and sometimes they are impossible to locate.
Required fees for requested searches and copies of divorce records vary across states and counties. Therefore, a telephone number is often provided for questions about fees. The following number can be called to acquire the cost in a particular county in Vermont: 802-863-7275. This number can also be called to request fees for other types of vital record searches and copies in Vermont. Fees are small amounts ranging between five and fifteen dollars and are designed to recover the cost of the search and copy.

In Vermont, written requests for divorce records should be made to a Clerk in the Family Court in the county where the divorce was finalized. Your search should start at the county that had jurisdiction over the divorce. If this isnít available, search the state one county at a time. Each county office will request a small fee for the search and will take between two to ten days to complete its search. Therefore, this may take quite a while.

All divorce records are filed by the husbandís last name. If his full name isnít available, conduct a search of past and present spouses. This search will produce the names of the spouses as well as the addresses of all spouses.

Basic information about each divorced couple is included in their divorce records no matter what state the divorce is filed in. The husbandís full name, the wifeís full name including her maiden name, the name of the county where the divorce was filed, the recorded filing date of the divorce, the actual date of the finalized divorce, and a certificate number for identification purposes are usually included in the records. Occasionally, the number of the coupleís children under the age of eighteen at the time of the divorce or the date of the marriage is also listed by some states.

Providing unnecessary information will not speed up the search. In the case of genealogical searches, where little information is available, any additional information can prove useful. Genealogical searches usually take longer than the typical two to ten days. Genealogical searches are not high up on the priority list and less information is usually provided with the request.

To obtain a copy of a divorce record, complete the following steps as closely as possible.

1. Print or type each name and address clearly to avoid confusion. This includes the full name of both the husband and the wife. The maiden name should be included for the wife.
2. Keep your request brief and to the point.
3. Limit your request to one document.
4. Include the full names of the individuals, including nicknames and alternate spellings that may have been used.
5. Include the full address of the individual at the time of the divorce, including street, city or town, and state. If you know the county in which the divorce took place, include that as well.
6. Include the date that the divorce was finalized. If you do not have this piece of information available, include a time frame for the search. Generally, it is best to specify a short span of years for an unknown year search. You can always expand the number of years that you search, and a shorter span will lead to a shorter search. You can expect to pay an additional fee for searches such as this that require more effort.
7. Include contact information where you can be reached in the event that more information is required. Include a daytime telephone number, as well as, an evening telephone number. You may also include a fax number or an e-mail address.
8. You should include your relationship to the individualís listed in your search request.
9. You should include the purpose of your request.
10. Print your name clearly and sign your request. Some states may also require additional identifying information on you as well, including a driverís license number.
11. Include a SASE, or self addressed stamped envelope with your request for a speedier delivery.
12. Include the date that you mail your request with your correspondence.

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