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State Sex Offender Search: Virginia

Online Search for Virginia Sex Offenders: Sex offenders are classified as any person who commits a sex crime against another individual. Nationwide, the number of convicted sex offenders is growing. Those convicted are sentenced to prisons or correctional facilities. Regrettably, upon release from prison, many sex offenders commit additional sex crimes. To keep tabs on previous offenders, the Department of Corrections and the State Police Department require each convicted offender to register with a state and national registry. This registry is public information. Therefore, anyone can search records and learn of offenders living in their neighborhoods. Sadly approximately 90% of rapes are against minors under the age of 12. The Commonwealth of Virginia has strict requirements regarding the registration of sex offenders. Each offender must update their registry annually, and notify the registry of change of addresses. Failure to comply will result in additional jail time. If interested in searching sex offenders living in Virginia, consider the following free websites. 

Sex Offenders and Crimes against Minors Registry: In most cases, sex crimes are committed against women and children. Those who commit sex crimes against a minor must register with this website. This is a valuable resource tool for parents and caregivers. Before relocating to a new neighborhood, it may help to research the area. Moreover, periodically checking the registry will alert parents to offenders who may have moved into the area. To begin your search, visit Next, choose the search link, "Search Public Notification Database." Search sex offenders by state, county, zip code, or name. This website also includes a mapping feature for locating offenders. To remain up-to-date on sex offenders, consider signing up for a free community notification. This is perfect for households with small children, day cares, and schools.

Federal Bureau of Investigation: The FBI's official website includes links to a variety of different criminal departments and registries. To search the Bureau for sex offenders, visit This webpage consist of links to each individual state's offender database. Complete a Virginia sex offender search by choosing the appropriate link. This link will direct visitors to Virginia's sex offender registry powered by the Virginia State Police.

Virginia's Megan's Law Sex Offender Registry Information: This website was created as a means of keeping children safe from sex predators. Because sexual pedophiles suffer from a sick addiction, the odds of repeating a crime are high. For this matter, each sex offender must complete annual registrations for 10 years following their initial registration. This keeps the public aware of offenders living near their home or work. Sex offender databases include information such as photographs, fingerprints, date of birth, crimes committed, physical address, employment address, etc. Moreover, this information is easily available to the community. Search records by visiting Next, select the link for Virginia state offenders,

Virginia Department of Social Services: The Department of Social Services is purposed to keep children safe from different types of violence. This also includes keeping sexual predators away from children. To alert parents to possible dangers within the community, the Virginia Department of Social Services provides a link for searching sex offenders who have committed crimes against minors. The violent sex offender registry consist of all sexual crimes against children including molestation, incest, statutory rape, pornography, date rape, etc. The registry is accessible by visiting Begin a search of Virginia sexual offenders by selecting the link, "Sex Offenders and Crimes against Minors Registry." Search criteria for sex offender records include city/county, zip code, or first and last name. This search option also includes a field for finding information on sexual offenders who have failed to update their registration.

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