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Searching For Vital Records

VRs or vital records offer the most accurate genealogy information in an immediate fashion.  Birth, death and marriage records are the essentials for creating an accurate family history or locating someone for any number of business, financial or personal reasons.  Records Registry makes finding those indispensable VRs easier and more quickly than other online or traditional sources.

Birth records are among the most difficult records to obtain; researchers generally have more success tracing a person by beginning later in that individual’s history.  Birth records will provide place or birth, full name, and the names of the individual’s parents.  This is a goldmine of information for genealogy enthusiasts, but it is important for many reasons as well.  The individual himself may need to prove the date of birth for any number of reasons—to collect social security for example.  People lose hold of their birth records for any number of reasons, but Records Registry can help track this vital information down.  Because birth records can be the most difficult to obtain, trust Records Registry to help.

Death records are invariably important to genealogists.  Frequently, researchers begin with the death record which usually contains a person’s name; age; date, place and cause of death; veteran status, marital status, place of residence, place of burial, name of informant, names of parents, etc…In other words, a death certificate contains a wealth of information that may be needed by the individual’s spouse or extended family.   Any particular piece of information on the death certificate will invariably help lead to other relevant information.  For example, the date and place of death may help to locate an obituary.

Marriage certificates generally contain the woman’s maiden name, place of marriage, marriage date, minister or presiding official, names of witnesses, ages, birthplaces, parents names, etc…More and more marital records are being archived on the internet to make finding them a walk in the park—even if the marriage wasn’t.  Records Registry can help you locate marriage and divorce records which are essential when requesting other types of information regarding wills, pensions, property, etc…

While the traditional route to finding vital records involved visits to churches, state offices and library microfilm stations, Records Registry makes the experience a virtual one—travel via the internet to find the necessary information you require.  Even when there are stumbling blocks—an inaccurate name or date, a restricted record, an adoption, Records Registry may help you navigate various avenues to obtain the records.

For more than a century, vital records have been maintained throughout the United States.  While they are certainly important to genealogists, they may be particularly important for documenting legitimate status as a citizen, for obtaining passports, for inheritance purposes, for background checks, and many more reasons that Records Registry understands.  Make searching for vital information easy by allowing Records Registry to help with the task.  Whether you are a close relative or a prospective business associate, information contained on VRs is likely to impact you considerably.  Trust Records Registry to obtain this necessary information.

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