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Websites to Find Baptism Records

Searching for a baptism record can be a grueling process. This is often the case when trying to locate an ancestor's or a deceased person's records. There are many resources and registries to assist with the search. However, knowing where to start, and who to contact is the difficult part.

Before searching baptism records, it helps to gather information about the person in question. Baptism databases include many records and extensive information. Hence, finding a match can be difficult. The more information you know about an ancestor, the easier it is to find a matching record. Consider the following tips for searching baptism records online.

Find A Church: When searching for baptism records, begin your search by contacting the church where the baptism occurred. If searching an ancestor's records, locating the church may be challenging. Yet, there are numerous online resources for finding detail information about a church. If the person was baptized in a Methodist Church, Find-A-Church is a great resource for locating an address. This website contains a registry of approximately 36,000 Methodist Churches in the United States. To begin, visit

Choose a search criterion by completing the fields for city, state, and zip. This simple search will provide the name of all churches within a 25 - 100 mile radius of the city. Churches can be searched by name, city, or zip code. Advance search options include fields for language, ethnicity, number of attendees, and church name. Search results include detail information such as pastor's name, street address, phone number, fax number, email addresses, website, and driving directions.

General Commission on Archives and History: If the Methodist church still exists, quickly finding a baptism record is workable. On the other hand, if searching an ancestor's records and the church no longer exists, consider searching baptism records in archives. Archives are managed by each individual state. Locate your state's local archive by visiting

Click on your state's link. The following link will provide information on persons seated on the state's Methodist committee, which includes contact name and telephone number for the secretary and historian. If the name and location of the church is unknown, consider searching baptism records using a public records database. Many investigative websites are available, and provide accurate search results. To begin your search, visit Before searching records, users must register. There are three membership options.

Lifetime membership - $39.95
Two-Year membership - $34.95
One-Year membership - $29.95

Once registration is complete, users can begin searching records on anyone. When searching for a baptism record, enter as much information about the person. For example, full name, address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, birth date, and Social Security number. If searching an ancestor's or deceased person's record, enter the last known address. As well as baptism records, members also have access to death records, marriage records, background checks, criminal records, etc.

GovRegistry GovRegistry allows anyone to quickly search baptism records. Locating a baptism record is difficult without a church name. Yet, many online investigative websites can easily find this information by searching archives, registries, and other public records. GovRegistry searches baptism records by name. To begin, visit here.

Search records by completing fields for name, county, state, and birth date (optional). Membership is required before records are accessible. Membership options start at $29.95. There is also an option of accessing the website for one year, two years, or lifetime membership.

GovRegistry searches are legal. According to a Freedom of Informant Act, public records such as baptism records, marriage records, and criminal records are public knowledge. Furthermore, all searches are anonymous.

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