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Looking for Adoptee

Looking for Adoptee?

If you are interested in doing your own background check to find out your birth parents, or adoptees, there are a lot of easy ways to do this online. It takes time to narrow down your search, but you can actually map out through different resources that are available and free. Information such as tracking down a birth parent, or finding out information about adoptees is readily accessible and viewable by anyone doing a search of this type.

Looking for Adoptee and Birth Records

How to start your Adoptee search:

Whether you were adopted, or even if you given up as a child for adoption, there are different ways to search that you can help to find your birth parents. For example, if you are looking for your birth parents, one area that you might start in is to do a background search based on your name.

If you didn't have your birth certificate for example you can go online for that and once you get a copy you can see who signed off as your birth mother and your birth father and search by their names.

When you do a search, you can go to a site like a free public records search site or you can try through Free Public Records resources and type in their name, and any information that you have on them based on what you know and remember.

Sorting through Adoptee and birth parent names:

You may find that there may be more than one person with the same name so it may be a tedious process were you have to sort out different areas where a person they have lived, or you may have to factor in if you can try to find a middle name that might help. You may also want to look for them based on the city, town, or other details that might contribute to you narrowing down who the person is and where they are from.

Understanding historical Adoptee, Adoption, birth parent data:

For example if you came from a really small town, there may be only one other person or two other people with a name similar to yours. You may have to also go through records as it relates to what happened in the time frame of when you may have been adopted. For example, if it took place during the 50's and this was a time when young women were not really welcome if they were pregnant and they were teenagers, it may be an orphanage or a church took you in and it helped to place you up for adoption. That's why you want to go through sites like free public records sites or Free Public Records resources.

Similar adoptee searches:

You can also try to enter a search where you actually go by the particular time frame to see whether or not there were other adoptees that are looking for their birth parents around similar years because this can help for you to see what resources they were able to utilize to find their birth parents.

Searching for a child you gave up:

If you are looking for a child that you gave up for adoption, you can also search by the child's name. You may be able to find them because of the fact that when you go online, the records, even if they had their adoptive parents change their name to a new name, that same record information is kept on file as long as it's not a sealed document.

Available adoption court records:

You should be able to actually see the court record where they changed their name, if they did indeed do that. If they didn't change their name, and you're searching by the first and last name that you gave them, then when you look at their particular records you'll see different items that they may have on file based on what has happened throughout their lives.

Adoption records can reveal a lot:

Public records keep track of everything, so if your child is now an adult who got married you'll be able to see that information. If they, at some point, bought a house, you will be able to see their records information for their deeds and the title for their home will be listed, as well. Even if they got married, you will be able to see the marriage certificate information there, too. This is a really great thing if you are trying to find your child because you want to know that they are doing well and are successful in their lives!

When nothing is on file:

Sometimes if you don't see any adoptee/birth parent information, it could be that the person may have not filed anything with the court system because if they died for example, you would more than likely see the death certificate information on file.

Searching by what you find:

You can also look for adoptee documents that would help you to find your child based on the different types of court information that might be there.

For example, if your child was taken to court and they were sued by an old landlord for example, you might be able to see the dates when this took place and the actual location. That way, if you think that they might still be in your town, and you've been searching for them in your town, you may find it there across the country and living with someone else! These are all little details that can help you to find them. Even if you don't want to make contact because you may not want to disrupt their lives, you can find out about them!

We'll next explore how to find land and deed information that can help you in your land deed property search.


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