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Five Reasons a Medical Records Technician is Invaluable to Hospitals


Hospitals are full of skilled professionals who help patients get from intake to discharge without problems. While doctors and nurses can get top billing, medical records technicians are the underrated personnel soldiering away in the back to keep problems from happening and smooth everything out. They're people with attention to detail and a unique understanding of the interplay between patient needs and physician procedure. Here are five reasons these people are invaluable to hospitals.

1. They bridge the gap between doctors and patients

While nurses also help to connect doctors with patients, there are logistical challenges that make the patient experience less than perfect. Medical records technicians work to ensure that doctors have the information they need about patients and patients understand what doctors have noted. This communication service enables medical records technicians to leave patients feeling positive about the experience.

2. Facilitating urgent care

When doctors operate on a person or make a time-sensitive decision on treatment, they must have information on hand to do it. Often, a medical records technician will play a critical role in finding and organizing that information. Without them, doctors might experience delays that can ultimately cause death and further injury in patients.

3. Ensuring proper billing

Few things are worse than improper billing and coding in a hospital. When a person is sent the wrong bill, it can take months to sort out the issue. This leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the patient while costing the hospital valuable time and resources. Well-schooled medical records technicians understand the high stakes when it comes to billing. It is through their expertise that hospitals are able to bill patients effectively.

4. Enhancing security and privacy

Hospitals are required by law to adhere to certain security protocols. They must ensure that patients and their information are protected from wrongful disclosure. They must maintain security procedures to keep hackers and other nefarious parties out of the files of patients. Medical records technicians are at the heart of this mission. They watch over files like sentries watching over a palace. This makes patients feel much better about the experience while freeing up doctors to do the work they need to do.

5. Coordinating care with other physicians

In the age of specialized medicine, it's often the case that doctors refer patients to other doctors for additional care. Medical records technicians play a central role in coordinating this care. Not only do they work with doctors to confirm the treatments that have been administered, but they can make contact with doctors in other areas to arrange for additional care. This is especially true in small hospitals, where technicians may take on an even greater role out of necessity.

Medical records technicians are the unseen and often less appreciated medical personnel helping to guide the patient experience. Their skills of conscientiousness allow doctors and nurses to handle the critical elements of hands-on care. Aren't you glad there is a person behind the scenes ensuring that your records are accurate and protected?


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