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Four Records You Can Get at Your Local Police Department


Whether you are applying for a job, visiting another country, involved in a personal injury lawsuit, or looking to rent an apartment, there are plenty of situations where you may need to visit your local police department in order to obtain some important documents. While you may think the only record that the police department can provide you with is a criminal background check, the truth is that police departments throughout the country routinely provide residents copies of many important records. Here are just four of the most common records that your police department can provide you.

Background check

A background check is probably the most obvious record that comes to mind when you think of your local police department. Even if you do not have a criminal record, there are many situations that may arise where producing a clean background check is either necessary or highly beneficial. For example, while most employers are able to obtain a copy of your background check themselves, there are situations where providing one upfront may be more helpful. For example, if you are applying to be a nanny then your prospective employer may have little experience obtaining a background check. Providing one upfront could potentially bolster your prospects of employment. Keep in mind, however, that most local police departments provide background checks that only cover their local jurisdictions.

Traffic accident report

A traffic accident report is another document that local police departments are used to providing to local residents. If you were recently involved in a traffic accident, then you may need to obtain a copy of your traffic accident report, especially if you are involved in litigation related to your accident. Your insurer, for example, may request a copy of this report if you are filing a claim.


You can also head to your local police department if you need to have a copy of your fingerprints taken. There are a number of situations when a copy of your fingerprints may be necessary. For example, to work and/or study abroad some countries require a copy of your fingerprints. Fingerprints may also be required for some employment opportunities, especially security-related positions, and if you want to adopt a child from overseas.

Letter of good conduct

Finally, you can head over to your local police department if you need to obtain a letter of good conduct. A letter of good conduct is somewhat similar to a background check, with the only difference being that instead of listing actual offenses, this letter merely states that you have no criminal record. A letter of good conduct is almost exclusively used in instances where you are applying for a work or student visa for going abroad. Keep in mind that because letters of good conduct only cover local jurisdictions that you will need separate letters of good conduct from police departments in each locality you have lived in.

Whether you're looking for a job overseas or are making an insurance claim, there are plenty of reasons to head to your police department for a copy of certain important records. As the above list shows, the records your police department can provide could turn out to be extremely important for landing a job, moving abroad, or getting compensated for an accident.

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