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5 Top Target Registries for Finding a Person Online


Finding someone online can be a daunting task since it can be so hard to know where to begin. The internet is the largest repository of information ever assembled and it includes access to a vast number of registries and databases that can help you narrow down your search. Knowing how to target the most useful registries, however, can be difficult and not all registries are created equal. Here we will look at just five of the most useful registries and databases online for helping you find somebody.


While it may seem obvious, it is worth pointing out that Google really is one of the best tools you have for tracking somebody down online. However, using Google properly consists of more than just entering the name of the person you're looking for. Instead, adding additional information, such as location, employer, or something specific to the individual will really help narrow down your search results.

People databases

One problem with doing a Google search is that it may return a lot of irrelevant results, especially if you're looking for somebody who has a common name or if you don't have much specific information about the individual. Luckily, there are databases that are designed exclusively for locating people. A people database search allows you to more easily focus on tracking down a particular individual. At the very least, it will provide you with some good leads for continuing your search further.


Facebook is huge, with well over a billion people using this social media platform. What's even better is that it has a fairly refined search function. When you type in the person you're looking for, you'll be able to refine your search using a number of tools provided by Facebook. Remember, however, that not everybody uses their real names on Facebook, so you may have to get creative in your searches.

Public registries

Federal, state and local governments have a lot of registries that can help you track a certain individual down. While the accessibility of public records varies from one jurisdiction to the next, it's worth inquiring about whether your local public records could be of use. You should check the website most relevant to your search, such as a particular state's listing of court records, to see whether it can be of assistance to you. Other useful public records include birth certificates, driver's licenses, arrest records, and marriage certificates.

Genealogy sites

You can also use sites that are geared towards those looking to dig into their family trees. Sites like compile a vast number of records that you can easily access. Furthermore, while genealogical sites may sound like they are exclusively for searching for relatives who have already passed away, they are actually excellent for tracking down surviving members of your family.

With so much information online, knowing where to begin your people search is bound to be a bit overwhelming. However, as the above list shows, by starting off with the databases, registries, and online tools that are likely to provide the most results, you'll have given yourself a head start in your people search.

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