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For the most part, adult adoptees were cared for by loving adoptive parents. Still, the desire to meet one's birth parents is completely natural.

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Furthermore, birth parents may have a strong longing to reconnect with the child they gave up for adoption. Fortunately, there are many resources available, which are purposed to reunite birthparents with adoptive children. Uncovering an adoption record is tricky. Many states have strict confidentiality rules and keep adoptive records sealed. Thus, it becomes especially difficult for adoptees to learn the names and location of their parents. Persons trying to locate a parent or child might consider the following resources for conducting a free adoption search online.

Adoptee Birth and Family Registry: Because of sealed state records, many birth parents and adoptive children must rely on adoption registries for locating a missing relative. In many cases, parents and children know the first and last name of their relative. Using an adoption registry, simply provide your personal information. Once birthparent's or adoptee's information is included within the database, persons searching the site can read this information, and perhaps locate a loved one. If using Adoptee Birth and Family Registry, begin your search by visiting Follow the register link and submit a new registration. Registration forms have nine sections, adoptees and birthparents are encouraged to provide as much information as possible. The site will request the searcher's contact information, adoptee's birth date, adoptee's birth location, information about birth parents, grandparents, and natural siblings.

International Soundex Reunion Registry: Soundex is another adoption reunion tool. Again, birthparents and adoptive children are encouraged to register with the site, and provide useful information such as the names of the birthparents or child, adoption location, adoptee's birth date, and so forth. Soundex will cross reference information from various users. If a match is suspected, registered members are notified. Birthparents and adoptive children can obtain a downloadable registration form by visiting Choose the "register" link, and then click the link to download the form using Acrobat Reader. Users may also request a registration form by writing to:

International Soundex Reunion Registry
P.O. Box 2312,
Carson City, NV 89702-2312

American Adoption Congress: This website provides a multitude of useful resources for searching a birthparent or adoptive child. To begin your search for information, visit Select the link for "Search Guidance." Users to the American Adoption Congress website will receive helpful tips on how to create an adoption search checklist. Moreover, this site includes a list of useful links for searching adoption records online. For additional information on adoption related issues, please write to:

American Adoption Congress
P.O. Box 42730
Washington, DC 20015

Adoption Search and Registries by State: Each state has its own set of rules and guidelines regarding the search of adoption records. Before beginning your search, it helps to contact the state department that handled the adoption. Some records are more accessible than others. To begin your search of records and registries by individual state, visit This website will provide a multitude of adoption links for each state. For example, adoption links for California include FAQ's on obtaining a California adoption record, links to both birth and death indexes, and information on how to access California vital records. Simply choose the appropriate state and begin your search. Most state resources are available for a small fee. Even if a state does not offer free adoption record searches, birth parents and adoptive children can usually enter their information into an adoption registry free of charge. Simply provide information about the adoption (adoptive child's name, birthparent's name, and birth place), and the registry or database will continually locate possible matches.

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