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 reposted adoption comments

mary : Posted 40 days ago
I filled out the info but there is no way I was able to put in the area in England as only states came up??????

Liz Coppolaro : Posted 64 days ago
I have filled in my details and you keep asking me for them so not alowing me to proceed

george : Posted 140 days ago
you will need to register to get actual results for adoptions

george : Posted 140 days ago
This is just a sample search similar to that in the members area

Jen Lyons : Posted 140 days ago
There are no provinces under Canada!!!! HELLO!!???
We're waiting for a response......

Joe Turner : Posted 143 days ago
there are no states in Canada. what do I put in?

jan : Posted 187 days ago
Am unable to enter NSW in State box . There are only usa states. What's happening?

leonie evans : Posted 191 days ago
looking for my sister in melbourne australia

admin : Posted 237 days ago
see the sitemap for our growing list of free public records research

admin : Posted 237 days ago
we promote the GovRegistry resource as a way to provide capital to further build our free public records resources

admin : Posted 237 days ago

Pam- This site is loaded with free info, free links and important information about the best free directories and resources

Pam : Posted 237 days ago
the word (FREE) should not be used when in fact you charge for
your service. what does (FREE) mean to you? thanks

waghorn : Posted 276 days ago
not able to access the files for the uk ,be ask for state &country

Joyce Lee Macias : Posted 295 days ago
my mom was an exchange student in California in 1958 from Iceland I was born 3/9/59 in San Francisco adriana_macias@live. com thankyou

Joyce Lee Macias : Posted 295 days ago
born 3-9-59 in San Francisco my first name was Darlene. Please contact me at 5099872871 or adriana_macias@ymail .com

Audrey : Posted 313 days ago

Kenneth L age 31 and sister Sherry L age 33 we were all 3 born to Rebecca Napier and given her last name at our birth

Bea : Posted 338 days ago
looking for little brother born May 28,1968 in Halifax Nova Scotia, given names Daryl Wayne Silver

Rebeccah Garrett : Posted 346 days ago
looking for younger brother,birth name GuyGarret born in may1983or 84 adopted @5 0r 6 yrs old. Email or call@573-302-7817

Joyce : Posted 347 days ago

Steve, Scott, Eric you have a 1/2 sister and niece. Been trying to contact for years. please respond.

Bonnie Davis : Posted 355 days ago
I'm looking for my son who was born on March 20th, 1969 in Seattle, Washington. He was adopted to a doctor and his wife who lived in Tacoma.

B.A. Hitchenor : Posted 356 days ago
I am looking for my daughter,but I can't put in the state as I am in Australia, and they only have American States, please advise

MICHELLE GUZMAN : Posted 371 days ago

ashley : Posted 381 days ago
im looking for my fiancee's sister. her name at birth was jennifer brunch and she was born in saskatoon. she would be about 19 or 20 years old

TRESINA : Posted 383 days ago

kathleen lewis : Posted 394 days ago
looking for my sibling her name at bith was france joan secord she would be about 55 / 56 years of age

Fran : Posted 398 days ago
Information wanted regarding the whereabouts of my son born 12/24/63 In Tampa, Florida.

yvette : Posted 399 days ago
I am looking for my birth parents name karen ... ens and fredrick me ... ens, gave me up about 2 years or there about.names of changed now,

Heather : Posted 408 days ago
I am looking for my neice, birth name was Amanda Marie Schuller. She was born in Bryan, OH on Jan. 9, 1984. I believe her name has been changed.

Denise : Posted 413 days ago
nce/nph in1990's.Faith Marie, not chgd.Abt 9/5/1992 in Pottstown PA.Brthr also adpt'd as Malachai.& chgd to Nicholos.CHOICE,by Karen & Tony of NJ.

Nicole Jenkins : Posted 414 days ago
I am looking for my daughter born November 3,1977 Santa Rosa california at santa rosa community hospital.

Leanna Muller : Posted 463 days ago
you can reach me at wildbigred2000@yahoo .com

Leanna Muller : Posted 463 days ago
i am looking for my adoption records from the university of iowa hospitals born on 05-16-1971

helen labella : Posted 465 days ago
i am looking for my brother born 12/5/1978 in bucks county paemail me @ helen-labella@hotmai

helen labella : Posted 465 days ago
I am looking for my brother born on 12/5//1978 to a linda lou moyer or linda lou bishop father david i bishop please email

Kim DeLawder : Posted 470 days ago
I am looking for my son, born on 3/27/74 in Coshocton, OH

Bride : Posted 474 days ago
Looking for a relative. Adopted in 1968 Aug 21st. Robert Pike

susie : Posted 484 days ago
Im susie and looking for a daughter that i gave up for adoption ages ago.born in mater hospital brisbane on me if u know her.

Darlene : Posted 484 days ago
I am David Glenn Keeton, looking for my sisters Janet Lynn Keeton and Sara Ann Keeton, separated at a young age. Contact me at

Lori : Posted 492 days ago
Looking for daughter, born 8/8/82 in Minnesota

Linda : Posted 498 days ago
Looking for son I gave up for adoption in Oklahoma City. He was born July 1965.

brenda zarate : Posted 501 days ago
I adopted a beautiful baby girl who was born in NJ on January 5, 1971. I am desperately trying to find the birth mom for my daughter.

angela : Posted 506 days ago
i am looking for my sister who was adopted in lancaster ohio and was born october 31 around 1976

janet maude ne scarr : Posted 513 days ago
looking for info on lesley anne scarr (birth name) born harrogate england feb 1966, poss renamed helan.

liz mason : Posted 541 days ago
looking for info on a Michael McCarthy (birth name). He was adopted in the 50's, age of 4/5 years old and went to live in Australia. Thanks

KelmaWold : Posted 545 days ago
My name is Kilarney Velma Wold, I was adopted at the age of 4 in Vermont. I know very little about my birth parents, well nothing actually. Fondly K.W

Susan : Posted 736 days ago
I was born in Sept. 1965 in Elizabeth, NJ and was adopted 10 days later through Catholic Charities. I recently was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and would like to find any information on my Birth parents. As far as I know she was 15 yrs old and I belive her name was Diane. Any info would be helpful.

jennifer wood : Posted 737 days ago
hi im looking for my older brother and sister mark and catholene, they are around the age of 23 & 22. they were adopted at a young age and as far as i know lived in birkenhead liverpool. they will be 23 & 24 this year in december. if you have any information do not hesitate to contact me by email.

Chrissy Chaytor : Posted 740 days ago
I'm looking for my older step sister shes probably around the age of 28 by now.She was given up for adoption when she was first born and she was given the name Diane Chaytor.She was born in the Grace Hospital in St.John's Newfoundland.Her Mother had to have a sea-section when she was born because her stomach was infected with drugs from the guy that got her pregnant.She will be around the age of 29 or 30 this august 31st.The doctor that borned her was Dr.Misic.we really hope to find you if you have any comments or questions please clal this number immediately 1-709-834-9411.We Really hope to find you!!!!! =]

jonathon folsom : Posted 745 days ago
I am looking for my older brother. born in florida on november 4 1989. he was adopted to a family with 1 girl. she couldnt have any more kids. his name was nicholous paul folsom. adopted from lakeland florida.he will turn 18 this november. hope to find you!!!!

Deborah Stewart : Posted 750 days ago
I am looking for my daughter who was born on Sept. 21, 1975 in Savannah GA . I was in the Florence Critenton home for unwed mothers. I was only 16 and did not have a good life and I did not want my child to go through what I was going through. She was born at Candler Hospital and I think she was delivered by a DR. Smith. I saw her 2 times. She had beautiful black hair. I named her Christy Lynn,but the adoptive parents probably changed it. If anyone knows anything about my daughter or if she see this and wants to know where she came from please e-mail me at m.I am now 48 years old and am in bad health.I just want to know about her.

theresa trahan : Posted 753 days ago
I am looking for my two older brothers they were adopted when I wasfive yrs old .please help me find my brothers one was born june 12,1972 ,and the other is feb12,1975 they were adopted in springfield mass also their last name is trahjan, first names steven and earl trahan please contact my email if any info comes up ??? thank u trahan1978@hotmail.c om theresa trahan II

Jant Terrasi : Posted 755 days ago
I am looking for my son born in August of 1965 in Los Altos Hosp. in Long Beach Calif. He is now 41 and looking for me. I have found the doctor who delivered him...Alvin. S. Morrow. All he could tell me is the last name of the attorney was 'Lawrence'. I am desperate to find my son as he is for me. My name at the time of his birth was Janet L. Casselle and I was 19. I am now Janet L. Terrasi and live in Woodstock, Ga. My email is cali0560@yahoo ... If this reaches any one who can help please call.. 770-361-2215

cora bliss :
Posted 77 days ago
Im looking for my grandson and granddaughter their names are thomas aaron rhodes and elsie may bliss.

Pam Amspaugh :
Posted 96 days ago
I'm looking for my son Michael. Born 01/17/68 in Lancaster Ohio
Mikey I Love You. I fought for you and lost you. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME

Dan Ledford :
Posted 107 days ago
i am looking for my son born Micheal Reed on 02/02/1990 pos birth middle name thomas? was born in mich

nancy :
Posted 128 days ago
i was in Volunteers of Americia for un wed mothers.Born 6/27/1928 Looking for myrtle thompson

jodi :
Posted 129 days ago
I was born baby girl wilson on 5/13/66 in bethesda, MD

sarah :
Posted 141 days ago
I was in Harrisburgh Hospital . My birth name was Kathleen Alice Ritchie Jan. 30th 1978

stacey :
Posted 182 days ago
I am trying 2 trace my brother who was born on 2 sept 1976 at leicester hospital his birth name is stewart anthony birch. my email is

Jennifer H :
Posted 193 days ago
My name if Jennifer bfore adoption it was Renee. I was born on March 6, 1975 I am looking for any information conserning my birth parents. Thank You

lucinda :
Posted 268 days ago
My name is lucinda. On September 9th 1975 I gave birth to a bi-racial daughter. The adoption took place in Rockford,IL. Would love to hear from her.

Trish Tyrannes :
Posted 314 days ago
Trying to find my 2 half brothers Brian M Harland and John Stuart born 1948 and 1950 their mothers maiden name was Ramsbottom

margaret jury :
Posted 375 days ago
please helpme look for my mother or my 6 brothers or si sters my mom name was monica coombes or tibbs last known living in pembrokshire

theresa trahan II :
Posted 401 days ago
I am theresa diana trahan I am looking for my two older brothers steven anthony trahan born on 06/12/1972 and my other brother born feb10,1975

Virginia :
Posted 403 days ago
Please help me find my daughter. We just want to meet her and see how she is and what she looks like. My email address is virginiaphilpott@yah

Virginia :
Posted 408 days ago
I am looking for my birth daughter. She was born 1/2/1980. She was born in charleston, wv. She is bi-racial and was adopted by a white couple.

kelly willoughby :
Posted 452 days ago
Looking 4 sister born feb 12 1988 in fresno ca. given name was abigail rose mitchell please call with any info 559 307 0980

Lenore :
Posted 487 days ago
How can I post an 'looking for birth parents' query?

 adoption comments close

Are you looking for a birth parent or an adoptive child? If so, searching adoption records may help locate your missing loved one.

Even though adoptive parents become the legal parent of the child, state adoption agencies maintain a record of the child's biological parents. In most cases, this information is sealed. Some biological parents never want their identity revealed.

Out of respect for the birth parents, most adoption agencies will not disclose confidential information such as the birth parent's name, address, and so forth. On the other hand, sealed adoption records can be revealed with a court order. Of course, this action involves attorney and other legal fees. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive ways to search adoption records. Consider the following tips for locating an adoptive child or birth parents.

Adoption Reunion Registries: There are various online sources for reuniting adoptive children with birth parents. Even if a parent willing gave a child up for adoption, and requested sealed adoption records, she may have a change of heart in the future. A few free websites such as  contain a large database of adoption records. After registering and creating a profile, biological parents may easily search for birth children by completing an adoptee search. Complete adoptee information section by entering adoptee's birthplace, birth date, gender, and full name. Birth Family Finders are professional and affordable private investigators dedicated to connecting birth parents and adoptive children. Trying to find a parent or child without the help of a professional is challenging. Over the years, people continually change their names and locations. The investigators at Birth Family Finders are highly experienced and have several success stories. Birth Family Finder's search fees vary. Each search is unique. Upon completing and submitting a reunion request form, the company will provide more information on search fees. For additional information contact:  or 1-877-REUNITE. Birth Quest is an international organization that has helped many parents, adoptive children, and siblings reunite. To begin, users must register with the website. Online registrations are $20.00 for the year. Birth Quest will email login information (user name and password). Once registration is complete, users are free to search profiles created on Birth Quest. Furthermore, users may create their own profile. Include within the profile your reasons for joining Birth Quest. For example, are you looking for a birth mother or birth child? If so, provide information about the person. Based on the information provided in your profile, Birth Quest will conduct a search, and provide a listing of all members who match your search criteria. There are numerous search options available with Birth Quest. Moreover, because the company is international, Birth Quest is able to reunite biological parents and adoptive children living in different parts of the world.

Omni Trace: Omni Trace has 15 years experience with finding birth parents and children. Many adoption search companies are unable to provide results. On the other hand, Omni Trace works with a variety of professionals (attorneys, private investigators, adoption agencies, etc.) who are experts in locating adoptive children and parents. Each case is handled by an experienced adoption specialist. To begin, users simply complete an online search form. Visit: . Upon review of your information, a specialist will provide a quote. Basic searches start at $49.95. However, search fees can become expensive. This is usually the case when a person is difficult to locate. Nevertheless, services are affordable and reliable. Moreover, Omni Trace understands the stress families undergo when trying to find an adoptive relative. Hence, the professionals at Omni Trace strive to keep families informed and up-to-date on search findings.

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