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Trying to find your birth parents, a child given up for adoption or adopted siblings?  
Post your message below. To help others find you ... Please write as much information as possible.
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Stephanie Mounts - Adoptee born 1981, Einstein's
Hospital Philadelphia, adoptive parents are Brian and Rachelle Morckel
I am a female adoptee born April 24th 1981 at Einstein's
Hospital Philadelphia Pa. My birth mother was young around 14, the
lawyer that handled the adoption for my parents was Arthur Lobel (he
has passed) my adoptive parents are Brian and Rachelle Morckel. It was
a private adoption of course, birth mother supposedly hide pregnancy
until 8months along. I am searching for any birth relatives.
Email Address:
laura knutson 
I am looking for my birth parents. born 12-16-1963 in sparks, nevada at washoe couny hospital. To Ronald and Barbara Shearer.
Laura Lynn Shearer via a catholic adoption agency.
laura knutson :
Born at St. Marys Hospital in Reno Nevada on December 26, 1963 at 12:40 AM adoption finalized October 29, 1964. Name: Laura Lynn Shearer; Catholic Welfare Bureau Agency Director; Rev. John J. McVeigh Laura Lynn Shearer was placed with her adoptive parents form January 27, 1964 on.;Adoptive Parents: Ronald Dean Shearer 36, born July 20, 1928 at Walla Walla, Wa. Barbara Bee Shearer 38, born August 13, 1926 at Dallas, TX. Attorney: Howard E. Browne
Diana :
looking for my cousin born June 1980 his name was Johnny Dean Ramires (z) from oklahoma and was taken in 1983.

Victor :
Your birth father has passed away in May, and your half-sister is searching for you. Please contact me (858) 679-7080

Marianna Herrington :
Marianna Pintor was adopted in Oklahoma in 1948 8-14-48 adopted by the Pintors from Dallas . Please email me at danilovesdalejr@yaho o ...

Joe :
Looking for brother Mitchell 9/1/73,sister Patricia 4/8/75,brother Benny Ray 8/15/76. Born in Dallas/Austin,TX. m

debi vande brake :
im looking for my younger brother, he was born in brea ohio or cleveland ohio, between the years of 1958-1960. birth mother mary helmecy

debi vande brake :
im looking for my younger brother, he was born in brea ohio or cleveland ohio, between the years of 1958-1960. birth mother mary helmecy a8d2c5

debi vande brake :
im looking for my younger brother, he was born in brea ohio or cleveland ohio, between the years of 1958-1960. birth mother mary helmecy

Cindy :
Looking for brother born May 9, 1969 in CA. We are interested in finding you. If any info please contact me at m Thank you!!

D McClellan :
I'm looking for my son, born August 31, 1961 at Holy Cross Hospital In Salt Lake City Utah.

Crystal Miller (Sparks) :
I am looking for my younger brother. His name is shane paul wagner. he was born on september 28, 1988 in Elkhart, In.

Jill Otterbourg Robbins :
I am posting this message in case my son born November 25, 1968 at Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta GA is looking for me.

Michael Allen Quinn :
Michael Allen Quinn looking for birth mother, Maribeth Quinn/ half brothers. Born Feb. 23, 1963, Chicago, IL., Adopted on Sept. 25, 1963.

Michael Allen Quinn :
Michael Allen Quinn looking for birth mother, Maribeth Quinn/ half brothers. Born Feb. 23, 1963, Chicago, IL., Adopted on Sept. 25, 1963.

Faye :
A Baby Is My Dream!
Wishing to adopt a newborn to share my heart and home.
Call Faye, 1-866-540-1210, or email: fl8555@yahoo ...

Starlette Franks-Williams :
Looking for my daughter 11/27/89. Adopted in San Marcos, TX from the Care Connection Adoption agency. Contact starlettefranks@yaho o ...

jeanmarie :
born in Charlottetown PEI july 12 1965. named Valarie anne Smith then put up for adoption. any one who knows anything emai- jc4u@optonline ...

jeanmarie :
born in Charlottetown PEI july 12 1965. named Valarie anne Smith then put up for adoption. any one who knows anything PLEASE HELP

Leslie Carter :
I am looking for my daughter, born 02/09/66 at Booth Memorial, Cleveland

Rutledge :
Looking for birth parents. I was born around Sept 16th 1969 in Tulsa OK at St Francis Hospital. Adopted parents were Rutledge. Drhvn3@aol ...

Michael :
Looking for my birth parents and siblings. I was born in Tulsa Oklahoma at St Francis Hospital on or around Sept 16th 1969.

Charlene :
looking for my brothers, would be 51 and 49 yrs old born in Iowa ,mother Sandra Cramer,names Eric & Mathew.

Kandy :
I am looking for my half sister that was given up for adoption at birth.The birth first name was under Darlene and was born to Jill Iglehart.

Diana :
I am looking for someone who was adopted at the age of about 2 with the birth name Glenday Fay Duncan, and would be in her early 50's.

denise :
Is there someone, a male, born Oct. 2 1969 in Los Angeles, CA looking to find his birth mother? I

scott :
I am a 38 yr old man born on December 14, 1970 in pensacola fl. I still have red hair. Scotlinscopper@aol.c om. I need to find my mother.

Michael :
Abilene, TX born male 11-6-66 looking for birth mother/father. Adopted out of Christian Homes. I have dark hair and dark eyes.

sherry lewis :
renee and Scott I am hopeing to here from you both this is sherry at thorlepka@aol ... I love and miss you both love mom

Jackie :
looking for my sister Pauline Bennett who was born Nov 1951 in Stockport U.K. She was adopted out when she was about 4 months old.

Barbara Brooks :
looking for baby girl born 12/22/69 Children Hosp. Buff NY Our Lady of Victory and Catholic Charities in early 1970. mother Rose Denniston.

Barry Cerullo :
Looking for brothers David P Wilken 14/5/454. & Rodney Cerullo 22/10.48 , Mother's name Alice Cerullo nee Wilken,

Drew Keith :
Looking 4 sister birth adoption 08/21/68. Birth parents are Thomas Perry Keith and Diana Weber. Think adoption at Methodist Hospital in Miami.

jay :
trying to find daughter that I gave up almost 30 years ago. born in Millard Filmore hospital - Buffalo, NY on Feb 8th 1979.

Cindy Albert :
looking for Shae and Justin Albert or Richardson now. shae is 19 this year. I would love to see or just hear your voice.

Becky Jewell :
I'm looking for my full sister.Her name was Angelina Marie Jewell. Also looking for , Charles "Buzz" Schmidgall. contact (360)647-4347 ask for Becky
i am looking for my brother joshua broyles, his name has been changed since the adoption if anyone has any info, email me
jlhjpruitts25@yaho o ...

i am looking for my little brother joshua broyles, his name has been changed since the adoption if anyone gets this or has any info, email me please

joanburgesspolulech :
Still looking for son born in 1964 at Father BAker's infant home. Please call me 8609741343. You were adopted in the Buffalo NY.

talan wilhelm :
melissa we are still lookn for you pleease contact me 720-318-0993 we love you please call even to just blet us know your alive

keif simon :
looking for a son i was told was born late 1990 early 1991. the mother's name was kathy forsyte from laurel springs nj .

Janet Thorogood :
I was born on 23 rd november 1961 in a mother and baby home in bournemouth and my birth mothers name was Valarie Flowers, i was named Bettina

Diana :
I am looking for my birth mother. I was born October 29, 1982. My birth mother's name is Jacqueline Dennie. I was born in Galveston, Tx.

shelleyHolmes :
I am looking for a margeret jean glover who gave birth to a nigel glover on the 24th april 1970 we think in the reading berkshire area,

Rachelle :
I am looking for my brother born 1953 to 1954 in Yuma arizona birth mother's name is Frances Miller or Spurgeon. email-
rmcurro@live ...

Rachelle :
I am looking for my brother born 1953 to 1954 in Yuma arizona birth mother's name is Frances Miller or Spurgeon.

Emilio Reyes :
Im looking for Raquel A Reyes who was born to Emilio Reyes and Lorrie Kelly of S.F she was bor 3/6/88 at st. luke' # is
925-516-2473 .

Kristy :
I was born at Lawrence Co. General Hospital, IRONTON OHIO May 27, 1968. I spent three months in an adoption agency that was located right off RT 52

Michael :
Looking for my biological mother Lana Pursley or maybe Kirtland. I was born on or around 5/20/1970 in St. Claire county Illinois.

Antoinette Blake :
I am in search of my moms mother. She was born Sept 26 1952 in San antonio Texas to a Willma Jean Carwell. email @ antoinettemblake@yah oo ... .

Sara :
I am searching for birth mother. Her name was Linda Milliger or Linda Powers. She also had another child by the name of Ty. We lived in CA & MO

Michelle :
Looking for my son Eric Rains. Born in Tulsa Oklahoma on July 16 1989 at Tulsa Regional Medical center

Kim :
Searching for my 1st cousin, white male born 6/24/1960 in Beth Israel MedCtr, Newark, NJ. Name at birth was Philip Carey. Born 7:36 pm .

Nicole Culver :
My mother was Jennifer sue Culver. Gave to kids up for adoption. Want to find them. Im her daughter. she was born 1962. had first child around 1980

thomas horner :
adopted son name was sheldon thomas fathers name is thomas mo thers was tina your born in sept 1977 contact number is 403 556 6000

Shirley Dodd :
ISO sisters Angela H Dodd (1962)and Christine Dodd (1963),born in Northumberland, United Kingdom to John William Dodd and Joyce Dodd (nee Barrett).

Jodi :
My birth name was Chrystn Shelly Lee and I was born March 1 1981 in Winnipeg, MB. If anyone knows my birth mother please email kiwijods@hotmail ...

sue :
Seeking children of David Herbert (Herbie) Jones. Born in Wales, moved to Chicago, moved to London in 1920's. Died in London at the age of 47.

Dana :
baby girl born 11/23/66, Whittier pres. hospital, whittier Ca. Adopted through LA county.

brenda :
born 8-21-70 in LV, NV. at sunrise hosp. no info on my b-parents, but I had 5 or 6 older siblings. ANY info on my adoption please contact .

brenda :
born 8-21-70 in LV, NV. at sunrise hosp. no info on my b-parents, but I had 5 or 6 older siblings. ANY info on my adoption please contact .

lucinda :
I am looking for my daughter I gave up for adoption in 1975. She is bi-racial and born in Rockford, IL.

Diane :
I'm looking for my son who was born on March 18,1971 in Jacksonville,Fl.He weighed 7lbs.12oz. and has black hair.

Cora :
Searching for my bio father Clifford Hickel or Hickle. I was born in Seaside Oregon September 26, 1967.

Melanie :
Wanted to say "Hi" to my adopted neice, renamed Ashley Pratt, of Springfield, MO. Would like to know how you're doing. miraclenewfs@verizon ...

R J :
brother placed in adoption agency in Pennsylvania in 1960 by HIS mother Joyce Wyden and HIS grandmother. trying to find birth name

Jenny :
Born in La Mirada California 11/17/68 looking for birth mom.

ruth cleghorn :
hi my name is ruth cleghorn(edwards) i'm lookin for my son canton,ohio. my e-mail is t

speariett :
if you were born 9thof may1962 in southport adopted through catholic organisation the name i gaveyou was simon james.please contact me.

Diane Clark :
Looking for a sibling. If you were born on April 18, 1956 in Mecklinburg County, Charlotte, NC, please contact me.
vanessa :
A girl born Oct.07 1959 is looking for birth parents in Campbell Co, kentucky.Her name was Rebecca Metscalf and worked for a trucking Co.I

sophie brookes :
looking for brother in law adopted at birth, born 13 feb 1988.birmingham born sutton coldfield good hope hospital.megasousou2

joan :
Looking for son born Nov. 24, 1964, Our Lady of Victory Hospital, Lackawana NY. Father Baker's Infant Home. 860-974-1343. t

Jason yap :
Looking for brother and two sisters adopted(serina takeuchi)(misty takeuchi)(Charles takeuchi on oahu

JoAnne DeVerna :
Looking for son born April 21, 1966, Altoona Pa. Birth name was Steven McGraw. email: jdeverna@yahoo ...

joan :
Looking for son born Nov. 24, 1964, Our Lady of LOurdes Hospital Buffalo NY.

dallas :
looking for my son and his adoptive family. Dakota Daniel was adopted at about age 10 in Eugene,Or.

Lora Klimkiewicz :
My dad Bill E Petrie had relations with a female bartender named Rusty in St Louis Mo. .. He,graduated Clay School, 1939

lisa jo richards :
Hi my name is Lisa jo richards my birth name was arrion l kemp iIwas born july 22,1964in az . My birth parents name are helen and Thomas kemp .

Dawn Wilkerson :
Looking for Cindy DOB 04/22/1977 born in Phoenix, AZ at Good Samaritan Hospital please contat me via my email address m

Dawn Wilkerson :
Looking for Cindy born Aprill 22,1977 in Phoenix, AZ. at Good Samaritan Hospital please contact me via email address Thank you

Jan Diller :
Desperately looking for BENJI born in 1958 at St Vincents Hosp in Indianapolis, Indiana. Please contact us.

Pauline :
Stella Ann Johnson born Erith, Kent UK, December 1962 adopted 1963.would like to find out any details about her or her where abouts now.

Rebecca :
Looking for a half sibling, sex unknown, born in Parkersburg, WV at St Josephs Hospital May of 1960.
wellsfamily@casinter net ...

Rebecca :
Looking for a half sibling, not sure if male or female, born in Parkersburg, WV at St Josephs Hospital May of 1960.

Patricia E Kelly :
I gave birth to a baby girl on July 24 1981. In Rochester NY in Strong Memorial Hospital. My number is607-527-6067 e-mail is m

donna :
hi i am looking for my half sister leigharne wilson DOB 31.10.95 birth mother lisa regan married name wilson fathers name gordan wilson.

Suzanne Leckliter Malett :
Looking for possible relatives. Buffington was birth mother's surname. Used Billings at the hospital on Jan. 17, 1941. She was 18 or 19 at the time.

nichole hanley :
my brother was givin up for adoption43yrs ago born on fathers day to shirley hatfield/helton at uk hospital lexington ky

Mariette :
Looking 4 my son born Michael Joseph Forest on March 9-1969 Toronto,Ontario adopted in Jan 1970 Any info Please contact me

Barry :
Hi, I am searching for my brother David who was born in May 1945 in Kirby Stephen, Westmorland, England. Any info please contact me.

Debra :
5/7/66 in either Mpls/ St Paul, MN.I do have all non-id info on birth family.Please,any information contact me @ dr7141650@yahoo ... .

Susan Rand (Rogers) :
Searching 4 birth mother Cynthia Meeker
gave birth 5-3-1966 Pasadena California

kirsty :
TTF b/son, DOB 8.6.1985 Luton, england, I named you steven mark west. I regret letting you go and I love you, your birth mum, Kirsty x

will :
Born Columbus, OH, 3/18/48, 7:30pm. Adopted from OH St. Univ. Maternity Trng. Program at 3 mo., "Baby Ronnie". Delivered at 366 South Gould Road.

Ailsa :
Ann/Anne Marshall born Dec 1968 in England, adopted early 1969 would like to find out about birth parents/siblings.

Gina :
Looking for Fernando Rodriguez Jr born March 2, 1989, i think with 2 sisters Solonika (nikki), and Veronica Lopez born in Dallas,Tx.

Lyndsey :
I was born Lyndsey Watson. Was born on Jan 16, 1987 in Gainesville, FL. Mom, Please email me freeznchick5@yahoo.c om

Sue Marie :
Daughter born 12/31/73 in Buffalo General, NY Please let me find you.
love in my heart for you daughter
Your Birth Mother
Sue Marie

Joyce :
Searching for birth parents, blood relatives that I may have. Born 4/15/69. was adopted from Uniontown, PA. African-American. earl.joyce@yahoo ...

Suzanne :
Looking for son Brain Lawrence that was born 9/6/87 at Good Samaratin Hosp. in West Islip, NY. Please email me at suemy@optonline ...

bernadette :
Gareth Dewi Paton at birth,born 05/05/1951 at Swindon General Hospital, I believe hewas moved to Great Ormond Street Nursery shortly after birth.

Rebecca Donoghue :
looking 4 half bro,'Grahem Charles Ryan' born on or around 21/11/76 in wandsworth hospital London. e-mail me Sexibexdonoghue@yaho o ... x

Suzanne Vajda :
Born 6\23\1950 Gloria Ann Allison in AZ. Looking for birth family. e-mail ssuba84104@yahoo ...

Suzanne Vajda :
I'm looking for my birth parents. I was adopted Oct. 27, 1957 in Downey, California. My birth name was Gloria Ann Allison.

angela mills :
i hope you find her. i'll pray for you. i'm looking for my birthdughter for 20 years, her name is cheri nicole lacy. age 24

Debbie :
Birth mother searching for daughter. Birth name Christy Lynne Woodworth born 10/03/1969 in Buffalo New york. m

michelle :
My name is Michelle. Was adopted from Holy Family in L.A. CA. born 11/22/1963. Any med conditions I need to know.

Rebecca Antony :
born 07/24/66 in Minneapolis Mn. adopted 08/ 22/68. adoptive parents went through an adoption agency in Winona County.

Rae :
Looking for 1/2 brother born 1968, in St. Louis, MO with red hair weighing 10 lbs.

terry gallagher :
MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS terribleterry@hotmai l ...

terry gallagher :

tina burnside :
looking for my 1/2 sister,adpoted in Fulton N.Y.between 1968-1970.
mothers name: Ginny Kay VanEsltine..

romi :
hi if any family want to adopt me,m 23 year old guy from ind
reply me,my mail is .in

romi :
hi if any family want to adopt me,m 23 year old guy from india
reply by mail

Barbara :
Looking for a woman who gave birth to a girl at Beeson Hospital in
Wooster, Ohio in November 1940.
Please contact me at m

angela (angelica)wenger :
Looking for mother and aunt. Born May 15,1981, in Racine,Wi at St. Lukes Memorial Hospital. Adoption through Lutheran Soc Services. (715) 697-4222.

janet maude ne scarr :
lesley anne scarr was born feb 1966 at Claro Harrogate Yorkshire England, I believe her adopted parents renamed her Helan.

Sept 30, 1967 :
mother brought in to utah to have me: fem born on 09/30/67 in SLC at LDS Hospital. Adopteelooking@hotma il ...

Sept 30, 1967 :
Mother brought in to utah from another state to have me: female child born on September 30, 1967, in Salt Lake City Utah at LDS Hospital.

Carolyn Mc Donnell :
ISO male adopted at birth ,Covina, CA 1965-1967 Bio mom Winifred Mc Donnell or Stokes. Waiting anxiously...your sis, Carolyn XO

Lisa :
Searching for birth mom/parents. I was adopted thru Catholic Family Services in Amarillo, TX. I was born in January 1979.

Kristen Fadke :
Looking for mother of baby girl born 08/04/76 in Hammond Ind. My mothers name was Mary. Contact me at k.fadke@yahoo ...


Debbie :
Looking for Birth Mother, Born 1959, Spokane WA, Adpoted thru Catholic Charities. dstanley95@earthlink ...

jonathan :
Hi I was born at st,josephs hspital aug 9 1973 in london ontario i am looking for my birth parents

tauni l zachry :
my name is Tauni,I was born on nov. 12th 1968 at the hollywood presbiterian hospital. I am looking for my birth parents and any relatives.Thank You

diane stephens :
i am looking for my sister my mothers maiden name was cole her married name was yvonne hazelwood

crystal cream :
looking for arlene victoria nixon from salem, NJ DOB 1/24/68. Birthmother name is Queen nixon-jackson.

deborah olson(nee) leech :
looking for anyone who knows Sarha Davies. grad. from. miles 2000/2001 please let her know i am here

sean :
i am looking for my birthmother. I was adopted 10-7-71 fort worth

Mike McCarley :
I am looking for my birth mother, name believed to be Joanne James. I was born 11-03-61 in Portland Or.

elizabeth :
I was born sept.24,1972 in Arborg Manitoba,. Looking for my mother geraldine mckay & family, My given name Bella A Mckay, elizabeth_family6@ya hoo ...

Jeffrey :
Looking for birth parents. I was born Sept 20, 1966 in Albany, NY at the Albany Medical Center in upstate NY. jbly001@yahoo ...

Jeffrey :
I am an adoptee looking for my birth parents. I was born September 20th, 1966 in Albany, NY at the Albany Medical Center in upstate NY.

Maureen :
Looking for a daughter born March 23, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan at Booth Memorial Hospital. I named her Vickie Lynn Pearce.
Coryl Martinsen
My birth name was Maureen Rose McMillan. My birthday is May 23, 1948. I was adopted at 10 months old by Daryl & Lynn Shumard. I do not know my birth mother's name - I was told I had a sister about 3 years old & she may have had a different father. I am interested in finding my sister. I was born at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles. Any information about the McMillan (or MacMillan) family who lived in Los Angeles around 1948-1949 would be appreciated. My email address is
I am looking for my sister. She was born in Grand Rapids Michigan around April 1965. My Mom named her Hope at birth. Because she hoped for a good life for her. She was born at Blodgett Hospital. My Mom was single at the time and already had my older brother who was 2. She was adopted by a Dr and his wife. We would all very much like to meet her. If for nothing else to but to tell her the medical issues in the family. Our Mom has already passed away. I can be reached at  . Thank you Jackie

B g
Looking for a boy born on April 10 or 12 1974 in Wooster Ohio his moms name is Sue or Suzie .was told that he was put up for adoptions after birth. I Would like to know if he is my brothers son.

charley baker
hi i am searching 4 my brother who was adopted in 1980 in November his birth name was Tony but it may be Richard he was adopted in croydon area are dad name is john and mum Donna Baker if u like 2 get in touch my e mail is CHARLEYBAKER2006@HOTMAIL.CO.UK . MY NUMBER IS 07806927714 IF U THINK IT MAY BE U PLEASE PLEASE GET IN TOUCH UR LITTLE SIS CHARLEY AND THERE MORE WE GOT 7 SIS AND 7BROTHERS ALL FROM THE SAME DAD XXOO
B Ried
mom is looking for you please cl you lived for awhile with my aunt sis we love you Michael L. Means il -you have always been on my mind and in my prayers i am sorry thought i was doing the right thing adopted on east broad Columbus Ohio email

Helen Elgas
I'm looking for the daughter I gave up for adoption December 8, 1988 in Las Vegas Nevada. You were born at U.M.C. Hospital My maiden name was Helen Irene Hofstetter. I went through Catholic Services is who handled the adoption. Please contact me at 

Aunt Julie
Trying to find baby girl born in St. Louis, MO area 1968-early 69. Mother Cathy Wagnon. Her father was my brother. She has a brother and sister. Was put up for adoption and my Mother always wanted to know what happened to her. Contact 

Beth Strait
I'm looking for my daughter that was born on June 28th 1979. You were adopted in Rock Island, Illinois but born in Silvis, Illinois at Illinois hospital. They only let me see you from a distance but you looked just like me. A little Indian papoose. I turned 16 right before you were born and my mom wouldn't let me keep you. Her and her cousin Veda Walton cooked up this private adoption through a neighbour of Veda's. At the time she lived in Milan Illinois. Your adoptive parent's were suppose to be relatives of the neighbour. I always thought you were in Illinois but just recently found out you were raised in Missouri. If you think your my daughter you can contact me at My name is Beth and your birth name is Christian.
Jacky Ford Keel
I'm looking for hope that my bio-mother ever concern bout me. I was 2nd born a male, wt. 7lbs. 1ou., on 10:45 a.m., September 12, 1964, at Doctor's Hospital in Tucker, Georgia, DeKalb County. My adopt- father (Norman Ernest Keel) and adopt-mother (Hazel Evelyn Aldridge) are both already pass away but never told me that I was adopted. Please, call me I want my root back and I understand that happen to you and I forgive you. Here is my number 281-389-1829 or e-mail .
P.S. I am deaf. I lost my hearing when I was sick as a baby 18 month olds in New Orleans. Now, 42, I am in Liberty, Texas.
Audrey Verite
I'm looking for my birth mother Penelope Jean Sticklers family. She was adopted as a year old. her birthdate is Oct 29 1942 at Ramsey, St. Paul, MN. I don't know her name before she was adopted. She is currently married to Mervyn Alan Becker and is living in Richfield, MN. Has two grown sons name Todd and Dean Becker.
I know she was a president of something at veterans administration in Minneapolis, mn. She was adopted to this family name was Charlotte Pauline Peterson and Everett Henry Stickler. i know she had a birth sibling that died at age 14 of heart . and the maternal grandfather died at 69 from diabetes. I was born Feb. 28 1959 and she was forced to give me up for adoption , i think due to medical problems that i had as infant. I was in foster home most of my life. and was adopted at age 24 years old. I already found my birth dad John Robert Wickland , currently living in Arizona. Any one know her family please contact me  or
Katherine Danks
My name is Katherine Danks I am looking for my daughter Natasha Leigh Keirnan she was born on January 8,1988 if anyone knows of her were abouts, Please give her my Email address  and Phone number 989-893-5272 thank you

Hi, my name is Julia, born Sidney Alison at Guelph General Hospital on March 27th 1988. I don't know anything about my birth parents, but would like to learn. if you know anything about me, please email at 

Hi my name is Micah I was born in Kansas city Missouri Feb. 12 1989. I am looking for my birth family (mom, brothers, dad, ect). My birth mom's name is Gretchen. If you know anything about my adoption please let me know. I have so many questions to ask my birth family. contact me at  Thanks

Carol Morris
My name is Carol. I was born Cheryl Elaine Gaymon in 1951 at Booth Memorial Hospital in Brookline Massachusetts to Delores Gaymon. I believe I am of mixed heritage. I have recently been diagnosed with heart problems as well as narrowing of my right internal carotid artery. I really could use some family medical information. In 1953 when I was adopted my biological mother was living in Boston, MA and worked for the telephone company, both of her parents were deceased. She was 19 when she gave birth to me. If you have any information, please contact me  .

I was born September 4th 1968 in Phoenix Arizona. At two days old, I was put in a foster home. I know I have a older brother although not sure how much older. My birth last name was something like Benindike (Not sure on the spelling.). I don't know my birth mom's first name or my birth brother's, but I would LOVE to find them. I was delivered at Maricopa County Medical Center on above mentioned date. If anyone who might have the correct spelling of the last name, may know them or have any information, PLEASE contact me  . THANK YOU for reading. God willing I'll find them.
Michael Allen Franklin
I am looking for my birth parents and siblings. I was born in Tulsa Oklahoma. I had two older siblings and two younger siblings I think. I was burned by abuse and taken to a hospital in Amarillo, Texas, the placed in a Children's home in Muleshoe, Texas where I was adopted by Jim and Margaret Franklin. I think my name was Michael Allen Lee and I was born 12-15-1958. Please contact if you are a relative. Contact information is  which is a legal service who is trying to help me. Phone number is 678-423-5524 Thank you
Anita Pates
I am looking for my daughter Pheadra Michelle Louise birth surname Bessant adopted surname Page and my son Scott Regarnld Henry Axlearda. If any one who know them can they please pass on my email addressor they read this you can contact me at  as I would dearly love to hear from you.

hi my name is Melissa i am looking for my older half sister. She was most probably born in Queensland, Australia around the time of 1980 to 1987. Our mothers maiden name is Katrina Jane Mylne and she would have been around the age of 14-25, her home town was Caboolture which is in Queensland Australia. i am not all that sure of who i am looking for but hope to find her. Please contact Me ASAP. My email is  and Mobile Number is 0432586521...

I'm looking for my younger step sister she's around 28 years old now she was giving up for adoption when she was 2 years old the name she was given was crystal Diane she was born at the harbour view hospital in sydney mines Nova Scotia she had blond hair and big blue eyes we would really appreciate it if anyone could help us find her if you have any information please send me an email message to  we'll be waiting

Talan Wilhelm
Melissa if you reach this website please please contact your me your brother talan the easiest way would be either to e-mail me at  or call Lloyd Wilhelm at 509 668 0596. i have found our mother and your grandpa too we would love to here from you. love your brother talan
Lori Atkins
looking for my sister born Missouri born 1954 to 1959. birth mother is Paula Beth Seaborne. was forced to give up for adoption. has black hair like our mom. please if you think it might be you email me at just found out about you...
I was born in Sept. 1965 in Elizabeth, NJ and was adopted 10 days later through Catholic Charities. I recently was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and would like to find any information on my Birth parents. As far as I know she was 15 yrs old and I believe her name was Diane. Any info would be helpful.
Jennifer Wood
hi im looking for my older brother and sister mark and catholene, they are around the age of 23 & 22. they were adopted at a young age and as far as i know lived in Birkenhead Liverpool. they will be 23 & 24 this year in december. if you have any information do not hesitate to contact me by email.
Chrissy Chaytor
I'm looking for my older step sister shes probably around the age of 28 by now. She was given up for adoption when she was first born and she was given the name Diane Chaytor. She was born in the Grace Hospital in St. John's Newfoundland. Her Mother had to have a c-section when she was born because her stomach was infected with drugs from the guy that got her pregnant. She will be around the age of 29 or 30 this august 31st.The doctor that borned her was Dr. Misic. We really hope to find you if you have any comments or questions please call this number immediately 1-709-834-9411.We Really hope to find you!!!!! =]
Jonathon Folsom
I am looking for my older brother. born in Florida on November 4 1989. he was adopted to a family with 1 girl. she couldn't have any more kids. his name was Nicholous Paul Folsom. adopted from Lakeland Florida. He will turn 18 this November. hope to find you!!!!
Deborah Stewart
I am looking for my daughter who was born on Sept. 21, 1975 in Savannah GA . I was in the Florence Critenton home for unwed mothers. I was only 16 and did not have a good life and I did not want my child to go through what I was going through. She was born at Candler Hospital and I think she was delivered by a DR. Smith. I saw her 2 times. She had beautiful black hair. I named her Christy Lynn, but the adoptive parents probably changed it. If anyone knows anything about my daughter or if she see this and wants to know where she came from please e-mail me at . I am now 48 years old and am in bad health. I just want to know about her.
Theresa trahan
I am looking for my two older brothers they were adopted when I was five yrs old. Please help me find my brothers one was born June 12,1972 ,and the other is feb12,1975 they were adopted in Springfield mass also their last name is trahjan, first names Steven and earl trahan please contact my email if any info comes up ??? thank u  Theresa trahan II
Jant Terrasi
I am looking for my son born in August of 1965 in Los Altos Hosp. in Long Beach California. He is now 41 and looking for me. I have found the doctor who delivered him...Alvin. S. Morrow. All he could tell me is the last name of the attorney was 'Lawrence'. I am desperate to find my son as he is for me. My name at the time of his birth was Janet L. Casselle and I was 19. I am now Janet L. Terrasi and live in Woodstock, Ga. My email is  If this reaches any one who can help please call.. 1-770-361-2215

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