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There are many good reasons you would want to do a background check on someone. You may be in the process of hiring someone to do a service for you, renting a room, house or office to them, or many other possibilities that would concern you with their background. It is possible to use a background check service to get all the needed information to help you make an informed decision. Following are some of the best ones available today:

GovRegistry � This is said to be the best overall background check service available on the Internet. It includes unlimited access and has a very massive amount of resources.

  • It includes over 25,000 links to a great deal of databases referencing individuals background, email, credit rating, employment record, name and address, criminal record and many more.
  • It includes parole records, reverse phone list, nanny and daycare database, find email function, sex offender list and most all of these are included free with your initial cost.
  • They have a Frequently Asked Questions page that will cover most any help you may need. They also include email support for specific questions.
  • It is one of the most popular sites used. It is extremely easy to understand.
  • Initial cost includes a lifetime membership.

Intelius � This site has thousands of resources available to you for all your required needs.

  • This page is very easy to use to all your background checks.
  • It includes national and international information. The national one has a map for you to select which state you are interested in.
  • It breaks each state down into alphabetized lists of city level, county level, and state level resources.
  • The database links include extensive amounts of information. It has categories of birth, divorces, death, sex offenders, day care centers, and most wanted.
  • It includes customer service through frequently asked questions and email support.
  • Initial cost includes a lifetime membership

US Search � This site includes most all of the information needed for a background check.

  • Includes information about bankruptcy, marriage, divorce, arrest, judgment liens, lawsuits, and more.
  • Also includes information on home or auto loans, credit card debt, and property information.
  • Customer support with email or frequently asked questions is available.
  • Does not include international information.
  • This site is not lifetime, but charges an annual fee.

Web Detective � This site has over 300,000 members who agree it is a great source for getting background information.

  • Includes an extensive amount of information in its databases.
  • It has 19 greatly organized areas to explore, including most any type of information you would need.
  • It includes international information.
  • This site has been operating for over ten years.
  • It includes frequently asked questions and email support.
  • Initial cost includes a lifetime membership.

Net Detective � is a very popular choice of background check services available on the Internet.

  • This site includes over 20,000 links to resources.
  • It is very well organized and easy to use.
  • This site also includes customer support through email and frequently asked questions.
  • Does not include international information.
  • The original cost does include lifetime membership

All of the above will work on Windows 95 and later versions. They will also work on Macintosh. They include free reports for your convenience. Encryption security is provided with them. Each one has many features that they others may not have and you should research them for more individual information. They do all have the following: court records, sex offenders, credit reports, divorces, driving records, marriages, phone, and social security records.

You will have access to information on anyone�s background that you desire to check. You will then be able to make a very informed decision on whether or not you want to deal with this person.

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