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Types and Sources for Online Background Checks

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Background checks are an essential part of almost every facet of life, these days. Providing information into who people are, their credit history, their criminal history and immigration status, these human history checks help keep us safe, not only on a financial or business level, but also provide us with a degree of protection against physical attacks, warning us of some of the people who might actually seek us harm. There are many different types of background checks that are available to you and, depending on what you need to search for, there are a wide variety of prices to fit all budgets.

Why perform a background check? There are many reasons to do so. For starters, if you�re employer, you might be interested to know that an average of 40 billion dollars are lost, each and every year, due to embezzlement and employee theft. In fact, 1/3 of all business bankruptcies in the United States can be traced back to employee theft. Violence at the workplace is the leading cause of death in women and the second leading cause of death for men, occurring in the workplace - over 2 million employees suffer physical attacks on the job, every year!

Background checks are a matter of safety. In the past few years, child abuse cases and child abductions are on the rise. Because of this, almost every state has implemented legislature that requires criminal background checks on anyone who works with children (including scout troop leaders and coaches for youth groups). The terrorist attacks of 9/11 have called for heightened security. Even corporate scandals, such as the one surrounding Enron, also calls for better security and closer scrutiny when it comes to looking over potential employees.

Think that it�s complicated to run a background check on someone? In truth, you�d be surprised just how easy it really is. With a minimal amount of information, you can look up just about anyone. Some checks will allow you to search for someone if you know a partial name, or if you know their social security number. Additional information can be found using reverse address and phone lookups, social security number traces, and a wide variety of other sources. Interested in learning more? Read on, for some helpful information and links, showing you how to perform your very own background checks.

Background Checks (Background checks cover a wide range of information. The following information may be included in a background check - social security number, sex offender records, bankruptcy, driving record, vehicle registration, property ownership, education records, character references, past employers/work references, character references, personal references, neighbor interviews, military records, credit records, court records, driver�s licensing/state id records, criminal/incarceration records, workman�s comp records, medical records, and drug testing):

~ Crimcheck.com (price varies) - http://www.crimcheck.com/
~ Hurricane Katrina Survivors (free) - http://www.crimcheck.com/hurricane.htm
~ Intelius ($49.95) - https://www.intelius.com/background-verification.html
~ People Finders ($39.95-$59.95) - http://www.peoplefinders.com/?id=standard&sitrackingid=1163467&from=7912975&vw=background
~ People Lookup ($19.95) - http://www.peoplelookup.com/background-check.html
~ Integra Scan ($18.95) - http://www.integrascan.com/background-checks/background-check/?gcid=S17134x001&keyword=background+checks

-Other Links-

Credit Records:
~ True Credit ($34.95) - http://www.crimcheck.com/personalreports.htm
~ Employee Screening - http://www.employeescreen.com/preservices.asp#pecreports
~ Corra Reports - http://www.corragroup.com/credit-reports.html

Criminal Records:
~ CIA Data ($69.95) - https://www.ciadata.com/products/Plaintiff_Defendant.php
~ N.C.I. National Criminal Instant ($29.95) - http://www.crimcheck.com/personalreports.htm
~ Intelius ($19.95) - https://www.intelius.com/background-verification.html
~ People Finder ($17.95-$27.95) - http://www.peoplefinders.com/Search/Criminal/Default.htm
~ Employee Screen - http://www.employeescreen.com/preservices.asp#ccchecks
~ Corra Reports ($18.00 per county) - http://www.corragroup.com/county-criminal.html
~ Global Information Network ( http://www.backgroundck.com/pricelist.html for pricing) - http://www.background-ck.com/get_started.html
~ Access ($30.00 per county) - http://www.accesschecks.com

Date/Mate Records:
~ CIA Data ($69.95) - https://www.ciadata.com/products/Date.php

Education Verification:
~ Global Information Network ($11.00) - http://www.background-ck.com
~ Access ($25.00) - http://www.accesschecks.com

Federal Records:
~ Federal Check ($19.95) - http://www.crimcheck.com/personalreports.htm
~ Employee Screening - http://www.employeescreen.com/preservices.asp#fccsearches      
~ Corra Records ($21.00) - http://www.corragroup.com/federal-criminal.html
~ Global Information Network ($22.00) - http://www.background-ck.com/pricelist.html
~ Access ($35.00) - http://www.accesschecks.com

Immigration Status:
~ S.A.V.E. - http://www.crimcheck.com/immigration_status.htm

License Verification:
Global Information Network ($11.00) - http://www.background-ck.com

Nanny/Caretaker Reports:
~ CIA Data ($69.95) - https://www.ciadata.com/products/Nanny.php

Reverse Address:
~ Intelius ($14.95) - http://www.intelius.com/property-check.html
~ Global Information Network ($5.25) - http://www.background-ck.com

Reverse Phone:
~ Intelius ($14.95) - http://www.intelius.com/reverse-phone-lookup.html
~ People Lookup - http://www.peoplelookup.com/reverse-phone-lookup.html

Roommate/Tenant Records:
~ CIA Data ($69.95) - https://www.ciadata.com/products/Roommate.php
~ Global Information Network ($14.85) - http://www.background-ck.com

Social Security Number Traces:
~ Corra Records ($9.00) - http://www.corragroup.com/social-security-trace.html
~ Global Information Network ($6.60) - http://www.background-ck.com
~ Access ($30.00) - http://www.accesschecks.com

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