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Nanny Background Checks

Nannies, Background Checks and Every Parent Needs to Know

As our lives get busier and more and more of us must work full time just to make ends meet, nannies and other childcare professionals are playing an ever more important role in the lives of parents and children. The proper development of children has been shown to depend a great deal on their early interaction with adults, so it is up to every working parent to find the best possible nanny to care for the children when he or she is working.

It is easy to see, therefore, why the subject of nanny background checks has been getting so much attention lately. Even without the well publicized stories in which nannies harmed or neglected children in their care, more and more parents are concerned about making sure that those they hire are able to provide the caring and nurturing environment they themselves would if they were not forced to work full time.

There are a number of ways for parents to do these all important background checks on the nannies they are considering hiring. For instance, there are a number of nanny services and nanny employment agencies who do an excellent job of screening everyone who comes through their doors.

When considering such a nanny employment agency, however, it is vitally important to find out what kinds of background checks they perform, and when those checks are done. For instance, it is important that the agency do a background check on the nannies they place prior to placing them in a home, and that the background check be recent enough to pick up anything that may have been missed during the initial screening.

Any good background check should include such areas as past criminal convictions and any past driving infractions. The purpose of the background checks done on potential nannies should be to provide parents with an idea of the reliability, stability and personality of the would be nanny, and to provide those parents with a clearer picture of her character traits.

The first part of the nanny background check will be a Social Security number trace. The Social Security number is a critical piece of information, and it is the key to a wealth of information. The Social Security number trace will return information regarding all addresses the applicant has used for the past seven to ten years. This information can then be checked against that which the applicant has provided, and any inconsistencies found can then be investigated. The Social Security number is also a useful way to get information on any criminal records that may exist, as well as any other names the applicant may have used.

This type of background check is essential no matter what part of the country the nanny hails from, but it is even more essential if she comes from another part of the country. The Social Security trace used as part of a background check is able to find criminal and other vital records throughout the entire country, from misdemeanor charges to felony convictions.

The driving records and accident history of the would be nanny should also be an integral part of the background check. This check of driving records is especially important if the nanny’s duties will include driving the children to school, to appointments and to after school activities. This check of driving records will reveal not only speeding tickets but more importantly DUI convictions as well, an important consideration when hiring a nanny.

Last but certainly not least, all parents should check any potential nannies against the state list of registered sex offenders. These sex offender registries are maintained by the state and the records are easily searchable online.

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