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Finding Investment Properties Using the Zanatec Website

The Zanatec website is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to look for real estate properties to invest in. This useful website lists addresses, phone numbers, and sometimes website links to every country recorders office in the nation. What that means for you is that this website is a one-stop resource when you are needing to know where to obtain public records in order to discover where properties are located that you might be able to invest in.

You can use this website to look for homes that are close to foreclosure and get the name of the current owner of the property. You can then look up contact information for this person to see if you can offer him a deal that will both solve his financial troubles and enable you to make a nice return on your investment. If the owner is unwilling to settle, you may also be able to use the information listed at Zanatec to find out what mortgage company or bank is involved and see if you can strike up a special deal with them before you have to fight with others investors for it at auction.

1. Visit the Zanatec website at

2. On the homepage, there will be a list of states. When you select a state, you will be taken to that state’s page where every county in that state will be listed.

3. Under each county’s name, you will find the county recorder’s address, phone number, and website URL if one is available.

4. If the URL is not available, you may have to visit that particular recorder’s office in person. If the website is available, follow the link and look for a listing regarding ‘public records’, ‘property records’, or something else that would tell that public records would likely be located there. Depending on the website, it may take a little digging. If there is a search option on the website, do a search for ‘public records’ and see what you come up with.

5. Once you find the public record database, fill in the information requested and click search.

6. You can write down the name of each owner and search for them using or

7. Doing this should bring up the person’s address and phone number, if the person is listed.

8. Once you have this information, you can either call up the owner or visit the property to determine what you might be able to sell it for and decide what you would be willing to offer for it.

This is the best part about Zanatec: it will give you the website URL for many of these county recorders, where you can go and look at public filings online. This will save you time and help you find a new filling fast, if you are one of those proactive investors who checks listings everyday to get a head start on the competition when it comes to recently listed filings.

If you are looking to invest in real estate and want to get a jump on properties that have been or will be foreclosed on -- before they get sold at auction -- then Zanatec will be your number one resource. Using this website, you can look for counties around the nation that allow you to look at their public records online to save you money and time, as opposed to actually going to these counties to find these records. This way, you can look up a prospect and see if they would be interested in striking up a deal before you make plans to head out there. This will keep you from chasing bad leads and spending your time and money in the process.

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