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A property record search can be valuable for several reasons. For starters, real estate property searches are perfect for learning detail information about your personal property. Furthermore, if interested in purchasing a property, a search can disclose information such as square footage of a property, number of rooms, year built, even the amount paid by the original owner.

Additionally, property searches are useful when trying to uncover assets and property hidden by another person. For example, before filing a civil suit against someone, the injured party may conduct a property and ownership search. This type of search may be helpful when attempting to collect a judgment or monies owned. There are many resources available for searching personal property records. Some information on property is available free of charge. Yet, if looking for detailed information about carefully hidden assets, you may have to seek the assistance of a professional service. Here are a few easy tips for searching property records.

Office of the City Clerk: Each local city or county has an Office of the City Clerk. This department includes detailed property information data for city properties. Thus, if looking for real estate property information, this is a good place to start. Simply visit your city or county's official webpage, and follow the "Real Estate Assessor" link. Locating property information using this link is simple. To begin, users are required to input a specific address, including street number and street name. Access to information is instant. Online property records does not include personal information about the owner, it only provides property information. For this matter, persons seeking title information or the property owner's name would need to visit the local office in person. Moreover, if your city or county does not provide online property records, the City Clerk's office may be able to process your property request in person or over the telephone. Property information is a public record and available to anyone free of charge. Home Info Max provides instant access to property and ownership records across the country. In fact, this company offers one of the largest and most reliable databases. Users searching for property records may choose to receive a basic record, which includes owner's name, property description, sale date, sale price, etc. Additionally, there is access to a detailed property record, which includes comprehensive information on tax assessments, mortgage payments, legal description, and so forth. Home Info Max members also have the option of performing their own property title searches. Title searches include information on all past owners, refinances, and mortgage transfers. There are four membership subscriptions available.

� Two Basic Property Records (30 days access) - $14.99
� Twelve Basic Property Records (30 days access) - $34.99
� Standard Monthly Subscription - $9.49 (pay-per-record)
� Power User Subscription - $150.00 (one-year access)

Online Assets Search: Personal property includes bank accounts, personal vehicles, boats, etc. However, finding property records on these items can be difficult. A professional online assets search may prove worthwhile because such searches can uncover hidden assets such as real estate property, bank accounts, land, aircrafts, personal vehicles, boats, and other valuable possessions. This information is discovered by searching a variety of public records including the Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Vital Statistics, nationwide property searches, FAA aircraft registration, and national tax lien databases. The average asset search costs approximately $150.00. Websites such as and offer convenient online searches. In most cases, property record searches are received by electronic mail within a few hours. On rare occasions, it may take a few days to receive search results. Furthermore, results from asset search companies conducting a manual search for property records may take slightly longer.

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