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Property Record Searches

Property records can provide useful information about a home or land. Thousands of real estate transactions take place daily. Prior to buying a property, potential buyers generally seek information about the properties worth, title history, and so forth.

Even though there are companies willing to divulge a property's history, it doesn't hurt to investigate this information for your self. Property record searches are able to provide a detail description about any type of real estate property. Moreover, the Internet makes obtaining this information quick and effortless. Consider the following how-to tips for successfully searching property records using the Internet.

First American Real Estate Solutions: Searching property records online is simple using First American Real Estate Solutions database. This website includes a wide-ranging record of roughly 97% of all real estate transactions that took place within the U.S. Moreover, locating a particular property is easy. Users can search properties by owner's full name, street address, or city assessor's number. To begin your search, visit and register.

The first membership option involves no monthly commitment for using the service. Rather, members pay on a per record basis. For example, the fee for a property detail report is $2.50, whereas the fee for a comparable sales report is $3.00. On the other hand, individuals who seek numerous reports throughout the month may benefit from the second membership option. This involves a monthly commitment of $300.00. In turn, the fee for each property report is greatly reduced.

Public Records Now: This website is a great tool for searching property records. Users can choose a variety of search options. For example, retrieve a property record by searching the owner's name, property address, or property's telephone number. To begin your search, visit, and select a search option. If choosing to search property records by owner' name, enter their first and last name, city, and state. Search results will reveal the primary and secondary owner's full names, site address, owner's address, telephone number, sold date, and property's value. A one-time basic report costs $9.95. However, users may select other subscription options such as a 24-hour pass for 14.95, or a 30-day pass for $39.95.

Pretrieve: Pretrieve is a public record search engine capable of searching property records online. To begin searching property records, visit, and choose a search option. This site permits searching using a person's name, address, business, or telephone number. If searching for property records, select the address link, and then enter the property's full address, city, and state. Search results will disclose the property owner's name and telephone number. Moreover, Pretrieve allows users to obtain detail property descriptions and record, comparable real estate sales reports, home values, satellite mapping, and census data for surrounding area. Another method for obtaining a property record is by visiting the local real estate assessor's office located at city hall. In some cases, this information is available online via the city's official website. If not, you may have to conduct a manual search of records. To locate contact information for your local real estate assessor's office, or offices in a different location, take advantage of This website is useful for finding information about any business nationwide. To begin your search, visit Local business searches require completion of two search field. The first field is titled, "what," and the next field is titled, "where." Enter "city real estate assessor's office" in the first field. In the last field, enter an appropriate city. Search results are instant, and will return valuable information such as the city assessor's address, telephone number, and a direct link to their official webpage. 

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