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The Foreclosure data website is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to look for foreclosed and near-foreclosed real estate properties to invest in.

Site lists owners name, address, phone number, mortgagor/trustee and their contact info too. What that means for you is that this website is a one-stop resource when you need to obtain current and always up-to-date foreclosure data in order to discover hot properties as soon as available.

You can look for homes that are close to foreclosure and get the name of the current owner of the property. You can then look up contact information for this person to see if you can offer him a deal that will both solve his financial troubles and enable you to make a nice return on your investment. If the owner is unwilling to settle, you may also be able to use the information listed to find out what mortgage company or bank is involved and see if you can strike up a special deal with them before you have to fight with other investors through an auction format.

Visit the ForeclosureData now.

On the homepage, there will be a short form in which to enter your zip code and your state. Simply do exactly that.


Next you will be asked if you wish to narrow your search down to the county level. Below is an example for San Diego County California.

Next you can drill down to a particular foreclosure property.

All necessary information will be displayed including legal property description, PID, year built, Square footage for real property improvements and land, tax assessment information, property assessment value, default stats and equity value.

Also you have all necessary contact info for the lender and the property owner

This is the best part about ForeclosureData: Continuous updates! You will save time and be able to find a new foreclosure candidate faster than nearly every other investor.

If you are looking to invest in real estate and want to get a jump on properties that have been or will be foreclosed on -- before they get sold at auction -- then ForeclosureData will be your number one resource.

Using this website, you can look for potential investment properties -- around town or around the nation, fast and rich with all the important data to make informed and profitable decisions.

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