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A birth certificate is a very important piece of documentation known as a vital record. Obtainable shortly after a baby is born, this certificate usually lists information such as the person�s name when they were born, at what time and what day they were born as well as the place of birth, the parents� legal names (including the mother�s maiden name), and usually the signature of the attending physician. This record is then used to authenticate identity and nationality, as well as being essential in obtaining certain government-issued documents, such as a driver�s license and a passport.

Most parents apply for a copy of their child�s birth certificate within the first couple of months after said child is born. This important document will also help for state assistance, medical treatment, or getting your child admitted into school, further down the road. New parents are sure to be surprised at how often they are required to show this document for various things.

Copies of one�s birth certificate can be obtained fairly easily, from where they are stored at various government records offices. Dependant on where you go, they may be found at the County Clerk�s office, the Probate Court, the Recorder of Deeds office, or the Recorder of Wills. Regardless of where it came from, having access to your birth certificate will definitely help make life easier in the long run.

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