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The Name on Your Birth Record Means much more than you think

How does your name affect you? It�s just a name, right? Well, maybe not.

In many ancient cultures the choosing of a name was no light matter. It was believed that each name carries a specific vibration and your name can affect every aspect of your life. Ancient peoples believed that giving your child a proper name was the greatest gift you could provide because there were powers inherent in names. Those powers could affect a person�s personality, tendencies and characteristics as well as influence relationships, health, professional employment and finances. In fact, the name given a child at birth as per the birth certificate; will play a role in the child�s destiny.

Names have a profound meaning on a spiritual level. The name given to us on our birth record can affect us throughout our lifetimes. Words have power and names are words. Some cultures believe that the spelling of the name is important as well, since syllables and even individual letters carry their own powerful vibration. We can increase our own personal power through knowledge of names and their meanings. A name is like our own personalized mantra assigned to us at birth. Our last name or surname reflects our family and culture. Although the energies and frequencies of our middle and surnames can influence the circumstances of our lives, it is primarily the first name that is most powerful.

According to superstition, it is unlucky to name a child after someone that has died, particularly an older sibling. Although it is a popular tradition to name sons after their fathers, some people believe that to name a child after a parent is to bode ill fortune for the child. Some beliefs lean toward naming a child after a saint since it is thought to ensure the child the protection of that particular saint. But there is some confusion surrounding this belief because other superstitions indicate that it could bode ill to do so.

On the lighter side, it is thought that if the initials of a person�s name spell a word that individual will be particularly lucky. Those whose name equals seven letters are also believed to enjoy good fortune. It is thought to be unlucky to change one�s name though the Bible offers examples of certain individuals being called by names different than their original designations.

We all have our own preferences when choosing a name for our child. Some people are inclined to choose a Biblical name of some Bible character that was a pillar of strength and righteousness. Some look to the saints for a perfect name choice. Often we will choose a classic name that has stood the test of time such as John or Theresa but then others want their child to have a name that is unique and not commonly heard. They may look to other cultures for diversity. Still others wish to bestow upon their child a name that resonates with nature or the seasons such as Star or Autumn.

Regardless of your particular preference, it may be a good idea to do some research into the meaning of the name you are considering for your child. Remember that the first blessing your child receives is the name you bestow upon him or her. Choose wisely and may your child�s lifetime be filled with many blessings.


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